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Reviewing the Latest Mercedes Range



There is no car brand more desirable than Mercedes-Benz. Synonymous with class and elegance, the German manufacturer is also famous for innovation and this is evident throughout their history. Many of their innovations have influenced the industry and changed driving forever.

Now is a very exciting time for Mercedes as their latest range has taken the industry by storm. These vehicles are all class leaders and contain some of the most impressive technology to date, which is all packed within their signature sleek and stylish design. Here are a few of their latest models on the UK market:


When you think of the compact executive car market, you instinctively picture the iconic Mercedes C-Class. This great car has dominated the market for years, with the newest one remaining ahead of the pack despite tough competition. It features a new upmarket interior, all kinds of amazing technology and a classy design. It is also available in saloon, estate, coupe and as a cabriolet (for the first time).

One of the key selling points of the new C-Class is the range of economical engines available, with the hybrid models offering impressive statistics like 78.5mpg and 94g/km. Unsurprisingly, it offers a superb driving experience and the saloon is capable of 0-62 in just 4 seconds.


This beautiful two-seater roadster is sure to turn heads on the road and is an upgrade on the previous SLK. The SLK was an enormous seller throughout the nineties and was known for being one of the first hard-top convertibles, but the team at Mercedes has looked to build on this with a facelift and host of new features.

With a chiseled design, and a wide range of impressive standard equipment and thrilling experience behind the wheel, any motorist will adore getting behind the wheel of the SLC. There are a number of engines to choose from, with the 250d being one of the most efficient diesel roadsters available – it is capable of 70mpg and emits less than 1206/km of Co2. Despite this, the 250d is still capable of 0-62 in just 6.6 seconds.


The SUV market is growing rapidly in the UK and it is now a fiercely competitive market. Unsurprisingly, Mercedes is amongst the class leaders with the superb GLC premium SUV. It is tough and capable in all conditions, but inside it is very quiet, peaceful and comfortable with plenty of luxury onboard. This makes it a very popular choice with families that need a combination of practicality, comfort and performance.

Another key selling point? The GLC also has very low running costs. Both diesel models return over 50mpg with emissions of 129g/km. The standard nine-speed automatic gearbox ensures that running costs are kept down and similar to its rivals. The powerful 250d is capable of 0-62 in 8.3, so it is good fun to drive too.


The new B-Class is an excellent addition to the competitive compact MPV market. In addition to practicality, comfort and efficiency, the B-Class has exceptional build quality and a fantastic driving experience. MPVs have a tendency to be rather dull, but this is certainly not the case with the B Class which is stylish and surprisingly spacious inside. This makes it very popular with families and a slight upgrade on the A Class hatchback.

Seeing as the B-Class is targeted towards families, it also means that the engine range has been designed to keep running costs down. Both diesel models are capable of 70mpg, with the B220 CDI 4MATIC emitting 130g/km. All the diesel models are in Band B, which means that they cost just £20 to tax annually. Motorists may also want to consider the electric B-Class which is incredibly cheap to run, but has a range of just 124 miles.

Smart Investment

These are the four new Mercedes-Benz vehicles to look out for on the UK market, all of which are a smart investment. The German manufacturer is known for exceptional build quality, safety and reliability. This means that despite their high price tag, they are often a great buy and a car that will not cause you too much trouble.

Although reliable, it is still worth obtaining Mercedes GAP insurance which will cover the shortfall between an insurance payout and amount outstanding on your finance agreement if the car were to be stolen or written off. Gap Insurance providers are incorporating the costs of the vehicles price margins and with this brand still proving to be a front-runner, customers will only continue to show interest. If you happen to invest in a Mercedes, remember to do some research behind the credit agreement rates available before on the market, before signing on the dotted line. If your new car did end up in an accident, your first party insurance would only cover the basic cost of the car, not the additional you own on the agreed credit gap, so stay savvy!

The latest models in the Mercedes range have their hallmark qualities of being incredibly stylish, luxurious and comfortable, but they also contain amazing new technology and impressive statistics. This show why the German brand remains so desirable in the automotive world.

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