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Audi S4 0-60 Times

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TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2018 Audi S4

Premium Plus Quattro Sedan (S Sport)3.0L Turbo V6AWD8A4.3 sec12.8 sec @ 109 mph21/30/20 mpgCar and Driver
Prestige Quattro Sedan (S Sport)3.0L Turbo V6AWD8A4.2 sec12.8 sec @ 107.5 mph21/30/---- mpgMotor Trend

2013 Audi S4

Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD7A4.4 sec13.0 sec @ 105.6 mph18/28/17 mpgMotor Trend
Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD7A4.7 sec13.2 sec @ 106 mph18/28/---- mpgMotor Week

2011 Audi S4

Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.4 sec12.9 sec @ 108.8 mph18/27/18.4 mpgRoad & Track

2010 Audi S4

Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.9 sec13.4 sec @ 106 mph18/27/17 mpgCar and Driver
Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.7 sec13.1 sec @ 109 mph18/27/19.4 mpgMotor Week
Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.5 sec12.9 sec @ 108.6 mph18/27/14.4 mpgRoad & Track
Prestige Quattro Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.7 sec13.2 sec @ 106.8 mph18/27/19 mpgRoad & Track
Stasis Challenge Edition Sedan3.0L Supercharger V6AWD6M4.4 sec12.9 sec @ 108.9 mph----/----/---- mpgMotor Trend

2005 Audi S4

Avant Quattro4.2L V8AWD6M5.7 sec14.1 sec @ 99.7 mph13/20/12.2 mpgRoad & Track
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M5.1 sec13.7 sec @ 102 mph13/20/15 mpgCar and Driver

2004 Audi S4

Quattro Cabriolet4.2L V8AWD6M5.8 sec14.3 sec @ 98 mph13/20/14 mpgCar and Driver
Quattro Cabriolet4.2L V8AWD6M6.0 sec14.3 sec @ 99 mph13/20/17 mpgMotor Week
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M5.0 sec13.6 sec @ 103 mph13/20/16 mpgCar and Driver
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M4.99 sec13.44 sec @ 105.06 mph13/20/---- mpgMotor Trend
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M5.7 sec14.2 sec @ 99 mph13/20/---- mpgMotor Week
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M5.4 sec13.9 sec @ 101.2 mph13/20/13.9 mpgRoad & Track
Quattro Sedan4.2L V8AWD6M5.5 sec14.6 sec @ 100.5 mph13/20/16.3 mpgRoad & Track

2002 Audi S4

Quattro Sedan2.7L Twin-Turbo V6AWD6M5.5 sec14.2 sec @ 97 mph15/22/21 mpgCar and Driver

2001 Audi S4

Avant Quattro2.7L Twin-Turbo V6AWD6M5.9 sec14.5 sec @ 97 mph15/22/---- mpgMotor Week

2000 Audi S4

Quattro Sedan2.7L Twin-Turbo V6AWD6M5.6 sec14.2 sec @ 98 mph15/22/19 mpgCar and Driver
Quattro Sedan2.7L Twin-Turbo V6AWD6M5.5 sec14.1 sec @ 98.3 mph15/22/---- mpgMotor Trend

1992 Audi S4

Quattro Sedan2.2L Turbo I-5AWD5M6.3 sec14.9 sec @ 95 mph16/22/22 mpgMotor Week

About Audi S4

With the launch of Audi S4, the German auto manufacturing company introduced the high performance variant of the Audi A4. Initially based on Audi 100 sedan/saloon, the car was meant for high performance with similar features and low price.

As the S4 gained popularity, it was quickly compared to the rival’s BMW M3 and Mercedes C43 AMG. However, as BMW and Mercedes kicked it up a notch over the years, the S4 is usually compared to the BMW 335i and Mercedes C350.

If you’re thinking Audi has lost the battle against the BMW and Mercedes, then you might be wrong. Audi has released the RS models that are in direct competition to the BMW M and Mercedes AMG variants. And quite frankly, the RS models do much better against the competition than S4 ever could.

The Production Years

Audi S4 0-60The initial set of Audi S4 were manufactured from 1991 to 1994, after which the Audi A4 was launched and the next versions of S4 started being manufactured in line with the A4. As with the Audi A4, the Audi S4 has also evolved from generations to generations starting from B5 series to the currently manufactured B8 series.

The B5 series of Audi S4 was launched in 1997 and continued to be in production until September 2001. The B6 series started its journey in 2003 and the manufacturing got stopped by 2005. It was in the same year that the B7 series got launched and its production continued till 2008. From 2008 till today, the B8 series is in production.

High Performance Delivered

With more upgraded braking system, larger wheel base, firmer suspension and a more powerful combustion engine, the Audi S4 is just the right choice for those who wanted a car with higher performance than the A4 at the similar price bracket. The initial era Audi S4 0-60 times were about 6 seconds which with the newer versions of the car got reduced and better to a whooping 4.4 to 4.7 seconds that is achieved by the 2014 Audi B8 S4.

Similar improvement are seen in the quarter mile times as well. The initial S4’s could get a quarter mile time of around 14.7 seconds, while the 2013 released B8 S4s have a quarter mile times of just 13 seconds. The top speed of the car is limited at about 155 mph which is pretty much similar to most German vehicles.

Body Styles

The many generations of S4 have come with various body styles to suit the requirements of the buyers. While the initial C4 S4 was just available as a sedan, the later versions were available in the form of sedans, wagons, and the 2 door cabriolet. Here is a small list of the body styles available with the various versions of Audi S4.

  • C4 S4 – 4 door sedan and 5 door estate/wagon
  • B5 S4 Quattro and S4 B8 Quattro – 4 door sedan, 5 door estate/wagon
  • B6 S4 Quattro and B7 S4 Quattro – 4 door sedan, 5 door estate/wagon (Avant), 2 door cabriolet

During the first decade of the current millennium, the Audi S4 was a top notch car with the styles and performance that closely matched its rivals. Due to the fact that it could deliver similar performance as the contemporary counterparts of Audi S4, the car was a major hit in the market. However, with the advent of higher performance cars like the RS4, the S5 and the sporty R series, the S4 series is gradually taking a back seat when it comes to popularity and market coverage.

For more information about Audi S4, visit the official Audi website.

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