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TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2017 Honda CR-V

Touring1.5L Turbo I-4AWDCVT7.6 sec16.0 sec @ 89 mph27/33/25 mpgCar and Driver
Touring1.5L Turbo I-4AWDCVT7.5 sec15.8 sec @ 89 mph27/33/26.1 mpgMotor Trend
Touring1.5L Turbo I-4AWDCVT7.5 sec15.8 sec @ 88.5 mph27/33/---- mpgMotor Trend
Touring1.5L Turbo I-4AWDCVT7.5 sec15.9 sec @ 88.4 mph27/33/26.6 mpgMotor Trend
Touring1.5L Turbo I-4AWDCVT7.5 sec16.0 sec @ 89 mph27/33/27 mpgMotor Week

2016 Honda CR-V

Touring2.4L I-4AWDCVT8.3 sec16.4 sec @ 86.4 mph25/31/24.3 mpgMotor Trend

2015 Honda CR-V

EX2.4L I-4FWDCVT7.5 sec15.9 sec @ 90 mph27/34/24 mpgCar and Driver
Touring2.4L I-4AWDCVT8.2 sec16.6 sec @ 87 mph26/33/25 mpgCar and Driver
Touring2.4L I-4AWDCVT8.5 sec16.7 sec @ 86 mph26/33/---- mpgMotor Trend
Touring2.4L I-4AWDCVT8.9 sec16.9 sec @ 85.3 mph26/33/25.2 mpgMotor Trend

2013 Honda CR-V

EX-L2.4L I-4FWD5A8.7 sec16.6 sec @ 85.5 mph23/31/26.5 mpgMotor Trend

2012 Honda CR-V

EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A8.5 sec16.6 sec @ 85 mph22/29/---- mpgCar and Driver
EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A8.6 sec16.5 sec @ 86 mph22/29/24 mpgCar and Driver
EX-L2.4L I-4FWD5A8.4 sec16.3 sec @ 85.6 mph23/30/21.4 mpgMotor Trend
EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A9.1 sec16.9 sec @ 83 mph22/29/---- mpgMotor Trend

2010 Honda CR-V

EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A8.7 sec16.7 sec @ 84 mph21/27/24 mpgCar and Driver
EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A9.2 sec16.9 sec @ 82.9 mph21/27/18.1 mpgMotor Trend

2009 Honda CR-V

EX 2.2 i-CDTi Diesel (Euro-Spec)2.2L Turbo Diesel I-4AWD6M9.4 sec17.0 sec @ 80 mph----/----/28 mpgCar and Driver

2008 Honda CR-V

EX2.4L I-4AWD5A9.1 sec17.1 sec @ 81 mph20/26/21 mpgCar and Driver
EX2.4L I-4FWD5A9.2 sec17.0 sec @ 81.1 mph20/27/20.9 mpgMotor Trend
EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A9.3 sec17.2 sec @ 81 mph20/26/22 mpgCar and Driver
EX-L w/Nav2.4L I-4AWD5A9.5 sec17.2 sec @ 79 mph20/26/22.2 mpgMotor Trend

2007 Honda CR-V

EX-L2.4L I-4AWD5A9.9 sec17.5 sec @ 78.5 mph19/26/---- mpgMotor Trend

2004 Honda CR-V

EX2.4L I-4FWD4A10.0 sec17.2 sec @ 78.2 mph20/26/---- mpgMotor Trend

2002 Honda CR-V

EX2.4L I-4AWD5M8.4 sec16.6 sec @ 84 mph19/23/23 mpgCar and Driver
EX2.4L I-4AWD5M8.1 sec16.1 sec @ 85.2 mph19/23/---- mpgMotor Trend
EX2.4L I-4AWD4A8.9 sec17.0 sec @ 79.4 mph20/24/---- mpgMotor Trend

2001 Honda CR-V

SE2.0L I-4AWD4A10.3 sec17.7 sec @ 78 mph19/23/21 mpgCar and Driver

1999 Honda CR-V

EX2.0L I-4AWD5M8.6 sec16.7 sec @ 81.8 mph19/23/---- mpgMotor Trend

1997 Honda CR-V

SUV2.0L I-4AWD5M9.4 sec17.0 sec @ 78.7 mph----/----/---- mpgMotor Trend
SUV2.0L I-4AWD4A11.7 sec18.7 sec @ 74.9 mph19/23/21 mpgMotor Trend

About Honda CR-V

Mention the words ‘Honda’ and ‘SUV’ and you would likely think of ‘CR-V.’ Through the years, the Honda CR-V has defined what we think of compact crossovers. It has the safety features people want form a vehicle designed for the entire family, and it is designed in such a way that there is enough room for both passengers and cargo.

The 2014 Honda CR-V still retains the qualities that have made the car model very popular all these years. It is still one of a handful of compacts with enough legroom for tall adults both in the rear seats as well as upfront. It has seats that can be folded flat with one pull, giving way to spacious cargo area. It’s no wonder why many online reviews have it in their list of best SUVs today.


Honda CR-V 0-60As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why a lot of families buy the Honda CR-V is because it has enough room for passengers and cargo. The latest CR-V is no exception with a rear-seat folding arrangement that gives not only back seat comfort but also a lot of space for hauling cargo. Up front, there are cargo trays and cup holders so passengers can be more comfortable even on long drives.

Outside, the 2014 CR-V has a very aerodynamic look, giving buyers an impression that it is more rugged than its predecessors. Sixteen-inch steel wheels are found on all LX models, while the EX and EX-L versions have 17-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the CR-V has a sophisticated design and feel. The dashboard is smartly sculpted, and drivers would love the supportive front seats that will make them and their passenger very much at ease. There is a center console with two big cup holders, plus a center stow bin where USB and auxiliary jacks plus a 12-volt power plug are located.


Standard equipment includes Bluetooth connectivity, SMS text messaging, multifunction steering wheel, rearview camera, Pandora Internet Radio interface, cruise control, and keyless entry. The EX has interior and exterior enhancements and privacy glass, while the EX-L has heated front seats, XM radio, and auto dual-zone climate control.

Optional equipment for this SUV is quite limited. Real time all wheel drive with Intelligent control system may be fitted in the LX, EX, and EX-L variations while a satellite-linked navigation system can be mounted on the CR-V EX-L alone. The said navigation system comes with a 6.5 inch touch screen placed on the dashboard, or a DVD-rear seat entertainment system featuring a 7 inch LCD screen.


The CR-V has remained one of the top selling models of Honda because it has always been positioned as a no-nonsense SUV. Drivers liked the fact that the CR-V is big on value and comfort. It provides a more comfortable ride compared to competitors with stiffer suspensions and bigger wheels.

The 2014 Honda CR-V is powered by a 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine with a five speed automatic transmission. For front drive models, the fuel economy is pegged at 23 miles per gallon for city driving, and 31 mpg for highway driving. For four wheel drive, the gas mileage dips a bit to 22 mpg and 30 mpg. All Honda CR-Vs have a multi-stage alternator and Eco-Assist system to maximize the car’s fuel efficiency.

The SUV is also highly-recommended because of its safety features. Its multi-angle rearview camera gives the guy behind the steering wheel three different views, allowing him to see any obstacle or children who may be playing behind the car.

You might notice that the CR-V has stayed with a five-speed automatic transmission and an older engine unlike other compact crossover cars with a direct-injection engine, or a six-speed automatic transmission. Still, the engine of the CR-V delivers in terms of performance. Shifts are very smooth, and the transmission will downshift almost right on time when needed.

The 2014 Honda CR-V starts at a suggested retail price of under $24,000 for its LX 2WD version, while the EX model is right under the $26,000 range. Lastly, the EX-L is sold at around $28,000. If you are to have the CR-V fully loaded with accessories and navigation, expect to shell out at least $32,000.


The competition has proven to be difficult for Honda’s SUV, with the likes of the Ford Escape, Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester giving the CR-V a run for its money. The Escape, for instance, boasts of better infotainment options while the Mazda CX-5 is more fuel efficient. The Forester, meanwhile, is all-wheel drive.

Yet the Honda CR-V has remained very relevant despite these challenges. The 2014 model gets good scores for its improved gas mileage, reasonable price, impressive interiors, and safety measures. And since it has enough room for transporting people and cargo, it’s no shock that the CR-V is still a best-selling SUV model.

For more information about Honda CR-V, visit the official Honda website.

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