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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2017 Ford GT

Coupe3.5L Twin-Turbo V6RWD7A3.0 sec10.8 sec @ 134 mph11/18/---- mpgCar and Driver
Coupe3.5L Twin-Turbo V6RWD7A3.0 sec10.8 sec @ 130.5 mph11/18/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe3.5L Twin-Turbo V6RWD7A3.2 sec11.1 sec @ 130 mph11/18/---- mpgRoad & Track

2006 Ford GT

Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.4 sec11.5 sec @ 128.7 mph12/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
Heffner Performance 800TT Coupe5.4L Twin-Turbo V8RWD6M3.4 sec11.1 sec @ 139 mph----/----/---- mpgCar and Driver
Heffner Performance 1000TT Coupe5.4L Twin-Turbo V8RWD6M3.7 sec10.6 sec @ 152 mph----/----/17 mpgCar and Driver

2005 Ford GT

Accufab Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.8 sec11.3 sec @ 134.4 mph----/----/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.3 sec11.6 sec @ 128 mph12/19/---- mpgCar and Driver
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.6 sec12.0 sec @ 123 mph12/19/12 mpgCar and Driver
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.6 sec11.6 sec @ 126.2 mph12/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.6 sec11.78 sec @ 124.31 mph12/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.7 sec11.2 sec @ 131.2 mph12/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.8 sec12.2 sec @ 122 mph12/19/---- mpgMotor Week
Coupe5.4L Supercharger V8RWD6M3.6 sec11.7 sec @ 125.8 mph12/19/---- mpgRoad & Track

About Ford GT

Ford GT 0-60 TimesWhen thinking about a mid-engine supercar usually the first thing that pops to mind are European exotic car makers, but there are always exceptions. It’s American as apple pie, it is the Ford GT.

Making a new car model is never easy, but rethinking a legend with a modern twist is a whole different story, and that’s exactly what Ford did with the GT. The Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) spared no expenses developing the new GT cementing its reputation and cult following.

Today every generation of Ford GT is increasing in value, making it one of collectors favorite modern classics.

A Brief Glimpse at the History

The whole legend of the Ford GT started in the 1960-is when Henry Ford the II wanted a car to beat Ferrari at the race track after a dispute with old man Enzo himself. That’s how the GT40 was born, it beat Ferrari at many races including the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

The Ford GT started life as a concept car, it was unveiled at the 2002 Detroit auto show as a tribute to the 1960-is Lemans winning Ford GT40.

The new 2017 Ford GT was unveiled at the 2016 North American Auto Show in Detroit as a ground up new supercar from Ford.


Going through the specifications of the 2005-2006 Ford GT will show you how it stacks up against its supercar rivals.

  • Engine: V8 TYPE, 5.4 L displacement, 557 HP @ 6,500 RPM
  • Valve-train: Four cam, four valves per cylinder, twin overhead cams
  • Transmission: Recardo 6 speed manual transmission
  • Steering: Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Braking System: Four-wheel power-assisted ventilated discs with ABS
  • Brakes: 13.9-in ventilated discs (front). 12.9-in ventilated discs (rear).

And here are some specifications for the new Ford GT that was debuted at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit

  • Engine: EcoBoost V6, 3.5 liter displacement, 647 HP
  • Valve-train: Four cam, four valves per cylinder, twin overhead cams
  • Transmission: Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Steering: Electric power steering
  • Braking System: Four-wheel power-assisted ventilated discs with ABS


The 2005-2006 Ford GT had exceptional performance thanks to its supercharged 557 horsepower all-aluminum V8 engine putting power down through an 6 speed manual Recardo transmission.

With great power and a top speed of 205mph should come great brakes, and that’s where Brembo stepped in with their calipers with cross-drilled and vented rotors at all four corners.

A 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds (recorded by Car and Driver in 2004) put it head to head with other supercar rivals from Europe at half the price.

For the new 2017 Ford GT to achieve modern supercar beating levels with a smaller engine Ford strapped two turbochargers to its V6 engine to produce 648 hp.

Fuel Economy

Being a supercar the 2005-2006 Ford GT’s fuel economy leaves something to be desired, estimated mileage for city driving is just 12mpg and highway is a bit better at 19mpg.

The new 2017 Ford GT’s engine name “EcoBoost” doesn’t do its fuel economy justice at just 14mpg combined.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the 2005 GT a passing score for front-impact crash testing.

Front-impact driver and passenger airbags, pre-tensioners of both seat-belts, anti-lock brakes and traction control all add to the safety of the Ford GT.

Comfort and Quality

The Ford GT is a low to the ground, mid-engined supercar so ride comfort wasn’t one of Fords main concerns but still it is said that the stiff Ford rides well over bumps.

Build quality is a different story altogether, the Ford GT is a beautifully build hand crafted vehicle, made by using only the best materials and components available at the time.

The transmission was sourced by Ricardo, brakes by Brembo and the engine was tinkered with by Fords best SVT engineers.

To learn more about Ford GT, visit the official Ford website.

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