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Dodge Durango 0-60 Times

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2019 Dodge Durango

Pursuit V-8 (Police)5.7L V8AWD8A6.5 sec14.9 sec @ 93.2 mph14/22/---- mpgMotor Trend

2018 Dodge Durango

4 R/T5.7L V8AWD8A6.4 sec14.9 sec @ 92.9 mph14/22/16.9 mpgMotor Trend
4 R/T5.7L V8AWD8A6.5 sec14.9 sec @ 93 mph14/22/19.1 mpgMotor Trend
4 SRT 3926.4L V8AWD8A4.7 sec13.3 sec @ 104 mph13/19/15 mpgCar and Driver
4 SRT 3926.4L V8AWD8A4.6 sec13.2 sec @ 103.5 mph13/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
4 SRT 3926.4L V8AWD8A4.5 sec13.0 sec @ 104 mph13/19/15 mpgMotor Week

2017 Dodge Durango

GT3.6L V6AWD8A7.4 sec15.7 sec @ 89 mph18/25/---- mpgCar and Driver
GT3.6L V6AWD8A7.8 sec16.0 sec @ 88 mph18/25/16 mpgCar and Driver
GT3.6L V6RWD8A7.6 sec15.8 sec @ 88.9 mph19/26/---- mpgMotor Trend

2016 Dodge Durango

R/T V85.7L V8AWD8A6.2 sec14.7 sec @ 95 mph14/22/16 mpgCar and Driver

2014 Dodge Durango

Citadel3.6L V6AWD8A7.6 sec15.8 sec @ 89 mph17/24/19 mpgCar and Driver
Limited3.6L V6AWD8A7.9 sec16.0 sec @ 86.9 mph17/24/19 mpgMotor Trend
R/T V85.7L V8RWD8A6.4 sec14.9 sec @ 95 mph14/23/17 mpgCar and Driver

2011 Dodge Durango

Citadel3.6L V6RWD5A8.8 sec16.6 sec @ 86.1 mph16/23/---- mpgMotor Trend
Crew3.6L V6AWD5A8.2 sec16.4 sec @ 88 mph16/22/19 mpgCar and Driver
Crew3.6L V6RWD5A8.4 sec16.5 sec @ 87 mph16/23/16 mpgCar and Driver
Crew3.6L V6AWD5A8.5 sec16.4 sec @ 86.3 mph16/22/15.3 mpgMotor Trend
R/T V85.7L V8AWD5A7.4 sec15.6 sec @ 89 mph13/20/15 mpgCar and Driver
R/T V85.7L V8RWD5A7.4 sec15.7 sec @ 89 mph14/20/17 mpgCar and Driver
R/T V85.7L V8AWD5A7.3 sec15.5 sec @ 90.8 mph13/20/---- mpgMotor Trend
R/T V85.7L V8AWD5A7.3 sec15.5 sec @ 91.8 mph13/20/---- mpgMotor Trend

2009 Dodge Durango

Hybrid HEV Limited V85.7L V8 + ElecAWD4A8.9 sec18.8 sec @ 83 mph20/22/19 mpgMotor Week

2005 Dodge Durango

Limited V85.7L V8AWD5A7.7 sec15.9 sec @ 86 mph12/17/14 mpgCar and Driver

2004 Dodge Durango

Limited V85.7L V8AWD5A7.2 sec15.4 sec @ 88 mph12/16/14 mpgCar and Driver
Limited V85.7L V8AWD5A8.0 sec15.8 sec @ 87.73 mph12/16/---- mpgMotor Trend
Limited V85.7L V8AWD5A8.5 sec16.11 sec @ 84.82 mph12/16/---- mpgMotor Trend
SLT V85.7L V8RWD5A7.6 sec15.4 sec @ 87 mph12/16/---- mpgMotor Week

2002 Dodge Durango

R/T 5.9 V85.9L V8AWD4A8.3 sec16.4 sec @ 85 mph11/15/13 mpgMotor Week

2000 Dodge Durango

R/T 5.9 V85.9L V8AWD4A8.1 sec16.3 sec @ 84 mph11/15/13 mpgCar and Driver
SLT 4.7 V84.7L V8AWD4A8.2 sec16.4 sec @ 81.7 mph12/17/---- mpgMotor Trend
SLT 4.7 V84.7L V8AWD4A8.5 sec16.6 sec @ 83 mph12/17/---- mpgMotor Week

1999 Dodge Durango

Shelby SP 3605.9L Supercharger V8AWD4A6.7 sec15.2 sec @ 92.2 mph----/----/---- mpgMotor Trend

1998 Dodge Durango

SLT 5.2 V85.2L V8AWD4A8.7 sec16.5 sec @ 79 mph12/16/---- mpgMotor Week
SLT 5.9 V85.9L V8AWD4A8.2 sec16.1 sec @ 80.7 mph11/16/---- mpgMotor Trend
SLT 5.9 V85.9L V8AWD4A8.7 sec16.6 sec @ 81.3 mph11/16/---- mpgMotor Trend

About Dodge Durango

Are you looking for a budget friendly SUV that doesn’t compromise performance and luxury? If so, then you need to look at the 2015 Dodge Durango.

This car has the capability of a conventional SUV, combined with the sleek design, fuel economy, ride, comfort and handling of the latest crossover.

If you don’t believe that, consider the several distinctions that this current Dodge Durango has already received from independent organizations. This vehicle has been adjudged as number 5 among 13 affordable large SUVs in the market.

In addition, the Dodge Durango was also given two other awards, namely number 8 in affordable SUVs with 3 rows, and number 8 in affordable Crossover SUVs.

A Brief Look at the History of the Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango 0-60The first Dodge Durango debuted in 1998. It was a sport utility vehicle produced by the Dodge division of Chrysler. The first two generations which went into production in 1998 and lasted until 2003 share the same platform with the Dodge Dakota.

This platform featured a body-on-frame construction. The first two generations of this nameplate were built at the Newark Assembly plant in Newark, Delaware. But there’s a great difference that separates the two – the first generation was a mid-size SUV, while the second generation was a full-size SUV.

The third generation which started production in 2011 and is still being produced today, is built on the platform of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It features a unibody construction and is being manufactured at the Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan.


Here are the important specifications of the 2015 Dodge Durango, in case you are thinking of buying it.

  • Engine: 3.6L Pentastar Variable Valve Timing (VVT) V-6 engine, 290 hp. and 260 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic transmission with dial shifter
  • Drive train: Active All-Wheel Drive
  • Brakes: Brake Assist, Ready Alert Braking,
  • Suspension: 4-wheel independent suspension


The Durango is strong and quick enough to carry a full load of passengers and stuff without showing any difficulty. It does not produce a boomy sound as its previous version when it is running at midrange speeds.

With the standard eight speed automatic, and with rotary shift control, the six cylinder engine consumes a combined 20 miles per gallon, which is also an improvement in its older version.

If you are required to tow or carry heavy loads often, you should opt for the stronger 5.7 liter version with HEMI V-8 engine. It will get you off swiftly from stop lights and is also good for interstate cruising.

Steering is also impressive with this new Durango. The car’s maneuverability and handling at low speeds will impress you because the wheel unwinds with feedback that you can really feel.

Fuel Economy

Being a full-size SUV, fuel economy is not on top of the list with this car.

Last year’s model incorporated the eight speed automatic transmission on all Durango trim levels because it improved fuel efficiency, although that is not enough to bring its fuel consumption to a more attractive level.

The Durango with a V 6 engine and with rear wheel drive is rated by the EPA at 18 miles per gallon in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, with 20 mpg combined. This is an improvement of 2 mpg over its older version. With an AWD, the fuel rating is 1 mpg lower.

But if you choose the Durango with the HEMI engine, the car’s fuel economy will slide down to 14 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. With an AWD Durango, the fuel rating is about the same at 14 mpg city, and 22 mpg highway.


Safety features of the latest Durango is at the average level. But it earns solid crash-test scores from the authorized safety agencies.

The IIHS gave the Durango top ‘good’ scores in all its four tests namely roof strength, side, moderate overlap front, and head restraints and seats. It didn’t consider giving the Durango the Top Safety Pick+ rating because it has not tested the car for small-overlap impacts.

On its part, the NHTSA gave the Durango four stars overall, with five stars in side crash and four stars in frontal crash tests. Rear drive models scored four stars, while all-wheel drive units earned three stars.

If you will consider the safety package of the new Durango, you will see why it’s a safe car to drive. Standard safety issues include dual front side, and curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction stability control.

Optional items are a rearview camera, a blind-spot warning system and parking sensors.

Comfort and Quality

At its price, the luxurious appointments inside the Durango’s cabin are a steal. The redesigned dashboard brings up the level of the Durango several notches up. In addition, the cabin has a tightly sealed feel adding to its very refined appearance and its ability to filter out noise from the outside.

To learn more about Dodge Durango, visit the official Dodge website.

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