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kW Motor power
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TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2017 Honda Ridgeline

Black Edition3.5L V6AWD6A6.6 sec15.2 sec @ 93 mph18/25/21 mpgCar and Driver
RTL-E3.5L V6AWD6A6.4 sec15.0 sec @ 93 mph18/25/---- mpgCar and Driver
RTL-E3.5L V6AWD6A7.3 sec15.7 sec @ 89.1 mph18/25/19.7 mpgMotor Trend

2014 Honda Ridgeline

RTL3.5L V6AWD5A8.3 sec16.5 sec @ 83.9 mph15/21/---- mpgMotor Trend

2012 Honda Ridgeline

Sport3.5L V6AWD5A8.0 sec16.3 sec @ 85.3 mph15/21/---- mpgMotor Trend

2009 Honda Ridgeline

RTL3.5L V6AWD5A7.7 sec16.0 sec @ 84.2 mph15/20/---- mpgMotor Trend

2006 Honda Ridgeline

RTL3.5L V6AWD5A8.1 sec16.4 sec @ 85 mph15/20/19 mpgCar and Driver
RTL3.5L V6AWD5A8.5 sec16.5 sec @ 82.1 mph15/20/17.3 mpgMotor Trend
RTL3.5L V6AWD5A8.6 sec16.5 sec @ 84.2 mph15/20/---- mpgMotor Trend
RTL3.5L V6AWD5A9.3 sec17.2 sec @ 81 mph15/20/---- mpgMotor Week

About Honda Ridgeline

There’s a new generation of Honda Ridgeline coming out by 2016, and many experts are hoping that perhaps the Honda folks can address some of the issues plaguing the current Honda Ridgeline. That’s because the reaction to the current Ridgeline generation is a bit mixed, to say the least. In fact, it’s more of a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Self-described pickup lovers tend to regard the Ridgeline with some sort of pity, while others tend to look at it with distaste. Some have even stated that no self-respecting fan of pickups should treat the Ridgeline with disdain, much like how rock fans regard bands like Nickelback and Creed. In contrast, people who prefer cars to pickup trucks say that among pickup trucks they prefer the Ridgeline best. Some say that the best thing about the Ridgeline is that it doesn’t have all the weaknesses of pickup trucks that pickup owners have to get used to. Some purists, on the other hand, say that those “weaknesses” define the pickup truck experience.


Honda Ridgeline 0-60There are 5 versions of the Ridgeline:

  • RT. $29,575
  • Sport. $30,070
  • RTS. $32,380
  • RTL. $35,155
  • SE. $37,505


These 5 versions, however, share all these same specs:

  • V6 engine
  • Aluminum-alloy engine block / cylinder head
  • 3471 cc displacement
  • 250 horsepower at 5700 rpm
  • Torque, 247 ft-lb at 4300 rpm
  • 0 to 60 in 8.3 seconds
  • Redline at 6300 rpm
  • Valve train, 24-valve SOHC VTEC
  • Variable torque management 4-wheel drive
  • 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Wheelbase 122 inches, length 206.9 inches, width 77.8 inches, height 70.3 (RT, Sport, RTS) or 71.2 inches (RTL, SE), minimum ground clearance 8.2 inches
  • Trunk capacity 8.5 cubic feet
  • Vehicle stability assist, ABS, electronic brake distribution, and brake assist
  • All the usual seat belts and airbags, along with child-proof rear door locks

What’s Great about the Honda Ridgeline?

For people who don’t like pickup trucks in general, the look of the Ridgeline is wonderfully inoffensive. It actually looks nice and safe, without the posturing you often see in other pickup tricks.

In fact, when you seat yourself inside, it doesn’t even feel like you’re in a pickup truck at all. You have a wide and spacious cabin, with a nice range of features for your passengers and cargo. It actually feels like a Honda car, if you disregard your higher driving position, the convenient storage locker inside the floor, and of course the truck bed out back.

The entry level RT comes with a set of 17-inch steel wheels, a sound system with a CD player and 6 speakers, a trip computer, a full complement of power accessories, air conditioning, cruise control, a 60/40-split rear seat which you can lift up and with storage under the seat, and even a rearview camera displayed on your mirror.

All versions of the Ridgeline come with an integrated trailer hitch, and prewired for 7-pin trailer hook-up.

Its safety features are also more than adequate. In fact, it received the highest ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for how it performed in the crash tests for roof strength, side impact, and moderate-overlap frontal-offset. In addition, the seats and the head restraints also got top ratings for rear impact whiplash protection.

When you drive it around, it doesn’t really feel like a pickup truck at all, either. This is especially apparent if you’re used to driving other pickup trucks. The independent suspension offers a car-like quiet and smooth ride, and it seems more responsive around turns.

What’s Not So Great about the Honda Ridgeline?

Where to start? For pickup truck enthusiasts, the lack of “macho” in its looks is already a deal-killer, but its list of drawbacks doesn’t end with its looks.

The performance, for example, may not please people who want what they call a real pickup truck. The power output is quite modest with just 250 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque. The automatic transmission has only 5 gears. Add the curb weight ranging from 4,491 to 4,575 pounds, and you know this excessive weight will surely offer a challenge.

The undercarriage may not be enough for truly heavy duty work, and rock-crawling capability is limited. The 1,500-pound payload and 5,000-pound towing capacities just don’t match what other V-6 pickups can offer. It’s strictly a light-duty pickup truck, with a disappointing gas mileage of 15/21 mpg.

It’s a little bit slower than other comparable vehicles, and the braking distance of 133 feet to stop from 60 mph is a bit too long. And the features inside are just a tad obsolete. Bluetooth capability is actually an option, and not standard.


If you need a real pickup truck, then this isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you want a safe ride, in a vehicle that can do some light duty pickup truck work such as haul some light cargo around, then this is it. It’s the real choice for those who don’t exactly need a pickup truck, but who wants a useful car that looks like a pickup truck.

For more information about the Honda Ridgeline, visit the official Honda website.

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