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Lexus IS 350 0-60 Times

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kW Motor power
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TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2017 Lexus IS 350

F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A6.0 sec14.4 sec @ 100 mph19/28/22 mpgCar and Driver

2014 Lexus IS 350

F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A5.6 sec14.0 sec @ 102 mph19/28/18 mpgCar and Driver
F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A5.5 sec14.0 sec @ 98.5 mph19/28/---- mpgMotor Trend
F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A5.6 sec14.0 sec @ 99.8 mph19/28/22.1 mpgMotor Trend
F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A6.0 sec14.4 sec @ 100 mph19/28/---- mpgMotor Week
F Sport Sedan3.5L V6RWD8A5.4 sec13.9 sec @ 102.1 mph19/28/18.5 mpgRoad & Track
Sedan3.5L V6AWD6A5.3 sec13.9 sec @ 99.4 mph19/26/19.1 mpgMotor Trend
Sedan3.5L V6AWD6A5.5 sec14.1 sec @ 98.8 mph19/26/16.5 mpgMotor Trend

2010 Lexus IS 350

C Convertible3.5L V6RWD6A5.2 sec13.9 sec @ 101 mph18/25/21 mpgCar and Driver
C Convertible3.5L V6RWD6A5.3 sec13.8 sec @ 101.2 mph18/25/19 mpgMotor Trend
C Convertible3.5L V6RWD6A5.5 sec14.0 sec @ 100.7 mph18/25/19 mpgRoad & Track

2006 Lexus IS 350

Sedan3.5L V6RWD6A5.1 sec13.7 sec @ 104 mph19/26/---- mpgCar and Driver
Sedan3.5L V6RWD6A5.2 sec13.8 sec @ 102.9 mph19/26/18 mpgMotor Trend
Sedan3.5L V6RWD6A5.5 sec14.0 sec @ 99.8 mph19/26/---- mpgMotor Trend

2004 Lexus IS 300

Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5M7.3 sec15.5 sec @ 90 mph16/23/16 mpgCar and Driver

2002 Lexus IS 300

Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5M7.2 sec15.4 sec @ 90 mph16/23/24 mpgCar and Driver
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5A7.6 sec15.9 sec @ 89 mph16/23/16 mpgCar and Driver
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5M6.7 sec15.1 sec @ 94 mph16/23/---- mpgMotor Week
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5M7.0 sec15.4 sec @ 90.5 mph16/23/23.3 mpgRoad & Track
SportCross Wagon3.0L I-6RWD5A7.7 sec15.8 sec @ 89 mph16/23/19 mpgCar and Driver
SportCross Wagon3.0L I-6RWD5A7.6 sec15.6 sec @ 89.7 mph16/23/---- mpgMotor Trend

2001 Lexus IS 300

Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5A7.6 sec15.8 sec @ 89 mph16/21/22 mpgCar and Driver
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5A7.8 sec15.9 sec @ 89 mph16/21/22 mpgCar and Driver
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5A7.4 sec15.5 sec @ 90 mph16/21/17.5 mpgMotor Trend
Sedan3.0L I-6RWD5A7.3 sec15.4 sec @ 91 mph16/21/---- mpgMotor Week

About Lexus IS 350

The IS 350 is Lexus’s step to move away from the compromise between performance and style in luxury sedans. It is designed to offer drivers both luxury and excellent performance—combined attributes that are often lacking among entry-level luxury sedans.

An excellent choice for a luxury sedan, the Lexus IS 350 promises smooth rides, whether in the city or in the countryside, with its powerful V6 engine and precise steering. It is the perfect sedan that exudes style and offers comfort at the same time.

A member of the IS sedan group, this model was restructured in 2014 to create a larger cargo space and a roomier interior room. While maintaining its sleek design, it prioritized the variety of features that provide more comfort and safety for its passengers.

In terms of price range, it is in the same level as the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Cadillac ATS, and Lincoln MKZ. Created to make heads turn, the IS 350 has exceptional wheels and grille, and has a look that’s both muscular and polished. One could also feel handling a sports car due to its beautiful front bucket seats and its outstanding speed.

What Powers the IS 350?

Lexus IS350 0-60One essential component for each 3.5 liter Lexus IS 350 is its V6 engine that has 306 horsepower and has a torque of 277 pounds-feet at 4,800.

For the valve train, it has four cams with four valves in each cylinder, along with VVT-i or dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence. It has a 11.8:1 compression ratio, and can sprint to 60 mph in just 5.3-5.5 seconds, and reach 1/4 mile in 13.9 to 14 seconds.

Both the front and rear suspensions have adaptive variable suspensions, stabilizer bars, and shock absorbers that are electronically controlled. The difference is that the front suspension has double-wishbone with coil springs, while the rear suspension has multilink with coil springs.

The IS 350 has Electronic Power Steering, 2.8 turns, speed-sensing rack and pinion, and lock to lock.


One can choose whether to get a rear-wheel drive (RWD) or an all-wheel drive model (AWD), which became optional from 2011 onwards.

RWD models use an eight-speed automatic transmission, while AWD models use a six-speed automatic transmission. With the introduction of the AWD system, the power is transmitted equally to all four wheels at all times, and the weight is more equally distributed. IS 350 utilizes the latest traction regulator technology through checking wheel slip and guiding torque to the wheels with the best grip. Traction is improved as the correct wheels handle the weight during heavy acceleration. This is especially effective when roads are slippery.

Lexus IS 350 is quick and powerful. One could hear it in the sound that the engine produces as the car accelerates hard. Riding on the highway is smooth, and this model would be more than enough for daily transportation.

Road test reviews reveal that this model is a much better sedan than the ones before it. Taller drivers who used the old models had problems with the front headroom, while it was also noticed that the backseat legroom was smaller, compared to its rivals that came out the same year. With the IS 350, a little more headroom could still be desired, but the legroom is plenty enough for adults to be comfortable with. The interior space in general is adequate when moving passengers. It also has a larger area intended for cargo.

The IS 350 has a wide array of special features. An IS 350 has key-less ignition, standard 17-inch wheels, moonroof, xenon headlights, power front seats, foldable rear seats, dual-core automatic climate control system, Bluetooth phone, audio connectivity, USB and iPod compatibility.

IS 350’s F Sports version has 18-inch wheels. It also has a returned suspension with shock absorbers that are available on RWD IS 350s. The transmission and engine are similar to the regular IS 350s, but the F Sport model feels different with its performance-focused additional features. These include power tilt and telescopic steering, blind-spot monitor system, cross-traffic alert system, audio and satellite navigation system using the Remote Touch controller, and sharp, 7-inch display.

The IS 350 boasts of topnotch materials that were assembled with care and exceptional expertise. In terms of its luxurious interior design, it has crafted leather covers and wood trim of high-quality materials.


A special feature of the IS 350 is the hill-start assist control, which prevents backsliding by briefly maintaining the break pressure as the car starts going upslope. It also offers ten airbags to minimize the risk of injury, as well as provide the maximum amount of protection for each of the occupants.

Other standard features include 4-wheel ABS, break assist, daytime running lights, blind spot monitor, turn signal mirrors, disc brakes, traction control, stability control, and child-safety locks.

For more information about Lexus IS350, visit the official Lexus website.



  1. JIm B

    November 7, 2015 at 6:49 am

    God! Who writes these reviews? Obviously someone that doesn’t speak English as a first language.

    “Though the car is not much sharp around bends and corners…”

    The car is not much sharp, huh? At least get someone to proof read this garbage that your Third World “authors” write.

    • Editorial Staff

      November 7, 2015 at 3:22 pm

      Thanks for your feedback Jim.

      We are in process of re-doing all of the old review articles like this one.

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