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About Honda

Did you know that Honda was the first Japanese car manufacturer that released a dedicated luxury brand? Yes, that’s right. Honda released its Acura, in 1986 beating all Japanese car manufacturers for the distinction. And to think that it just started as a motorcycle manufacturing company.

A Short Glimpse of Honda’s History

Honda started making motorcycles in 1959. Now it is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and internal combustion engines in the world. It branched out into automobile production and became the second-largest Japanese car maker in 2001.

Its accomplishment includes being the 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the world just behind bigwigs like GM, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan and PSA, in 2011.

Current Honda Car Models

There are several car models that Honda Motors produced over the years. Currently, Honda’s car line-up includes the following:

Hybrid Cars – these are cars that effectively combine internal combustion engines and electric engines to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Acura Hybrid
  • Insight Hybrid
  • Fit-Jazz Hybrid
  • Civic Hybrid
  • CR-Z Hybrid

Fuel Cell Cars – Honda unveiled its FCV Concept fuel cell cars. This is an all-new fuel-cell vehicle, with the Honda Power Exporter Concept, as its external power feeding device.

  • Honda FCX

Electric Cars – these cars are equipped with engines that are powered by 100 per cent electricity. Thus these types of cars have zero CO2 emission and very quiet operation.

  • Honda Fit EV

Next Generation Diesel Engine Cars – these are cars powered by diesel engines with redesigned parts that make them smaller and lighter. They offer less friction between parts and achieve greater cooling efficiency. This results in dramatic fuel efficiency improvements.

Global Cars – these are vehicles that are designed to be sold internationally and are powered by either gasoline or diesel engines.

  • Fit-Jazz
  • CRV
  • Accord
  • Civic

Honda’s Latest Innovations

The words of Soichiro Honda, “Do Not Imitate”, owner of the company, defines the innovative approach of this car manufacturer. This company is constantly striving to develop new initiatives to be able to stay ahead of its competitors.

Some of the innovations of this company are:

  • ASV-3 – this is Honda’s Advanced Safety Vehicle technology, making the roads safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
  • 3-Stage i-VTEC engine – this hybrid system sets a new standard in gas emissions with its 3-stage control intelligent VTEC system.
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