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About Ford

Henry Ford’s greatest single contribution to the modern world is his development of the car assembly line. It made cars very affordable to the common man because every part of the car was made and assembled faster without compromising its quality. Thus more cars were produced, bringing down their price levels.

Ford’s History in a Nutshell

Henry Ford first implemented the assembly line in 1913 at his Highland Park plant in Michigan. The system enabled the company to surpass all their competitors in the number of cars produced each day. Henry Ford came up with this idea and insisted on it in his bid to make his cars more affordable to the masses that need them.

Current Ford Car Models

Now, Ford has remained in the vanguard of the auto industry all over the world. It has continually churned out new car models every few years, with new designs and new innovations. Currently, there are many Ford car models offered in the market, each catering to the particular demography of people who want and need them.

Cars – cars made by Ford offer excellent fuel economy, innovative design and performance. Ford’s car line-up included the following:

  • Fiesta
  • Focus
  • Fusion
  • Mustang
  • C-Max
  • Taurus

Crossovers and SUVs – these vehicles have enough power to tow trailers and enough space for hauling just about anything. You can also re-configure their seats to your convenience.

  • Escape
  • Transit Connect
  • Edge
  • Flex
  • Explorer
  • Expedition

Trucks and Vans – these vehicles are tough and offer outstanding performance and long-lasting dependability.

  • Transit Connect
  • F-150
  • Transit
  • Super Duty

Lincoln – this is the classic car made by Ford for discriminating people with refined tastes. Aside from its outstanding car design, its engine will give you effortless performance fitted to your status in life.

Car Innovations of Ford Motors

Ford Motors started its success by innovating car production in the 1900s. It has never abandoned this approach. The company has been in the vanguard of new car and engine design over their long years of experience.

One of their current innovations is the rapid manufacturing process better known as 3D printing. With the use of this method, the process of creating prototype parts is faster, more flexible, and lowers the production costs even more.

Ford technicians are now using fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D sand printing and selective laser sintering (SLS) in their 3D printing lab. Car parts are now built layer by layer using this method.

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