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Unravelling the Fastest Porsche 911 till date: The 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS



Here it is the Alpha animal of the Porsche 911 family tree. Say Hello to the new 911 GT2 RS, Porsche’s track-focused weapon aka ‘the widow maker’.

·        Great performance, smooth grip

·        Breath-taking design

·        Bragging rights for the win in Nurburgring

An exhilarant combination of tradition and technology, the latest 911 GT2 RS is defined by the brawny twin-turbo 3.8-liter engine that powers it from under its all-powerful rump.

While its predecessors were relatively crude beasts, this new car is loaded with the goodness of the latest technology. The 3.8-litre engine helps it achieve newer power figures, whereas the water injection system, similar to the one in the BMW M4 CSL, cools the intake charge by drizzling the distilled water from a reservoir that resides at the bottom of the front luggage compartment.

Much like the GT3, it is enriched with a rear-wheel steering complimented by most of Porsche’s brilliant stability enhancing driver aids. The car is witness to a reduced weight, thanks to the lightweight materials that not only provide with the option of a carbon-fiber roof and bonnet, but also reduce the thickness of the side glass. The new GT2 also features carbon-fibre anti-roll bars that come standard to the mass-trimming Weissach Package. In fact the car’s lightest weight-configuration weights just 1470Kg and does great without both audio system and the air con.

The car carries its marquee serious look to showcase the same top-vented front wings that were also visible on the last GT3 RS. So, what’s new?  The Automaker blessed the car’s bonnet with the old motorsport staple, the NACA intake duct. While the front splitter is the biggest and gives it an aggressive look, the rear wing is adequately huge in addition to being user adjustable.

The cabin doesn’t fail to impress with its stripped-and-whipped interiors, thanks to the carbon trim and a fair crop of switch blanks. Fabric door replace the conventional handles and offers a nice healing touch to the passengers.

If you nurtured any fears that Porsche might have adulterated the GT2’s character to enhance its overall appeal, then your apprehensions are soon expelled when the engine fires into an angry, brooding idle that throws out bass-heavy harmonics as you move off.

The suspension makes use of the motorsport grade steel ball joints rather than employing the rubber bushings, only to achieve much better precision. The ride quality offered by this hottest 911 GT dog is very firm, which gradually calms down with the adding speed and increasing loading.

That one component that actually makes the car stand apart is its powerful engine. It works wonders to pull cleanly at low revs, and with a little enthusiasm when it reaches 2500rpm mark, the turbo spins into action. What happens next is really miraculous to observe, as reinforcement arrives with the quickness of a police raid, inducing GT2 with the feeling of exponential urge as it begins to accelerate and the occupants start feeling more and more serious longitudinal g-forces.

Peak power finally shows-up at the 7000rpm mark, just 200rpm short of the limiter. The roaring soundtrack and barbarity of the engine’s responses could make any trip the trip of your lifetime, or even the finale of the throttle pedal’s travel, which is an achievement in itself.

It’s insanely fast. Porsche claims that the car runs past 0-100Km/h mark in merely a 2.8-second, but bigger numbers arrive with the car’s ability to reach 0-200km/h in scarcely feasible 8.3-seconds, whereas 300km/h greets you from a standstill in just 22.1-seconds.

Even though, the car’s gearing has been shortened as compared to the Porsche’s exorbitant norms, yet it feels even quicker than the theoretical statistics, guzzling the horizon and traversing the long straights like a sports-bike. No matter we couldn’t confirm the presence of a speed limiter, but this wonder-car is counted amongst one of the limited Porsche’s to ever have: 340km/h.

So, if you are one amongst those daring racers who will be pulled-off by the raw-appeal of the Porsche’s latest GT2, then its high-time you bought this beast and break your personal records.  Porsche claims it to be the best GT2 so far, and the fastest that company ever produced.

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