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Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world. Since its inception in 1937, it has produced more than 200 million vehicles. It is the biggest of the so-called Japanese Big Three car makers, the other two being Honda and Nissan. In terms of revenue, it is the 12th biggest company in the world.


The company was founded by inventor Sakichi Toyoda. The firm started producing Toyoda vehicles in 1936, with the first car models have two cylinder engines at first. Eventually, they copied the 65-horsepower engine of Chevrolet with the same gearbox and chassis from the Chrysler Airflow.

The very first engine was done in 1934, and the car and truck followed in 1935. By 1937, the company was split off. After the Second World War, the company focused on making trucks. In 1947, it introduced the Toyopet which run up to a mere 55 mph but was cheap and designed to handle the rough roads in post-war Japan. The Toyopet was Toyota’s first popular car.

Soon, Toyota’s production was increasing. Eight years after it launched the Toyopet, it was making around 8,000 cars a year. In 1965, it was producing more than half a million cars per year.

In 1957, Toyota put up an office in Hollywood. By the following year, its Toyopet was registered in the United States. Although the company initially found the U.S. market a tough nut to crack, as the Toyopet and the Land Cruiser both did not sold well. Instead of withdrawing, Toyota designed a car specifically for the American market, giving birth to the Avalon and Camry.


Toyota has an extensive list of vehicle models. In terms of sedans, there is the legendary Toyota Corolla. It also has the Toyota Camry which is America’s top-selling sedan and the Toyota Avalon which is more of a luxury sedan.

It also has big cars like the RAV4 which is a favorite of many car owners for being simple and fuel-efficient. There is also the Toyota Venza which is considered the top midsize crossover of the company, as well as the Sienna minivan.

Considered as the flagship model of the company is the Toyota Land Cruiser, with its brute power and luxurious interiors. Other noteworthy models are the Toyota highlander and Toyota Sequoia.


Toyota is considered by many car experts as the most innovative car manufacturer in the world. Some of the innovations it has introduced in the past are pre-collision system which automatically steers and puts a stop to the car whenever sensors detect pedestrians crossing; and the hybrid technology of the Toyota Prius.

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