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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2016 Volkswagen Touareg

V6 Lux3.6L V6AWD8A7.8 sec15.9 sec @ 88 mph17/23/19 mpgCar and Driver

2015 Volkswagon Touareg

TDI Executive3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD8A7.0 sec15.4 sec @ 88.1 mph20/29/---- mpgMotor Trend

2013 Volkswagen Touareg

TDI Executive3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD8A6.9 sec15.4 sec @ 88 mph20/29/23 mpgCar and Driver
TDI Lux3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD8A6.9 sec15.3 sec @ 88 mph20/29/26.7 mpgMotor Trend

2011 Volkswagen Touareg

Hybrid3.0L Supercharger V6 + Elec 34-kW 1.7-kWhAWD8A5.9 sec14.5 sec @ 95 mph20/24/17 mpgCar and Driver
Hybrid3.0L Supercharger V6 + Elec 34-kW 1.7-kWhAWD8A5.9 sec--- -- sec @ -- -- mph20/24/23.8 mpgMotor Week
TDI Executive3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD8A6.9 sec15.9 sec @ 85 mph19/28/21 mpgCar and Driver

2010 Volkswagen Touareg

TDI3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD6A7.9 sec16.0 sec @ 83.5 mph18/25/24.3 mpgMotor Trend

2009 Volkswagen Touareg

TDI3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD6A7.9 sec16.1 sec @ 84 mph17/25/21 mpgCar and Driver
TDI3.0L Turbo Diesel V6AWD6A7.8 sec15.9 sec @ 84.5 mph17/25/20.5 mpgMotor Trend

2008 Volkswagen Touareg

V84.2L V8AWD6A6.9 sec15.2 sec @ 100 mph12/17/16 mpgMotor Week

2007 Volkswagen Touareg

V63.6L V6AWD6A7.6 sec15.8 sec @ 87 mph14/18/16 mpgCar and Driver

2005 Volkswagen Touareg

V63.2L V6AWD6A9.8 sec17.3 sec @ 80 mph14/19/14 mpgCar and Driver
V10 TDI4.9L V10AWD6A6.3 sec14.6 sec @ 91.5 mph15/22/---- mpgMotor Trend

2004 Volkswagen Touareg

V63.2L V6AWD6A9.4 sec17.0 sec @ 81 mph13/19/---- mpgCar and Driver
V63.2L V6AWD6A10.8 sec17.57 sec @ 78.9 mph13/19/---- mpgMotor Trend
V84.2L V8AWD6A7.5 sec15.7 sec @ 89 mph12/17/15 mpgCar and Driver
V84.2L V8AWD6A7.8 sec15.7 sec @ 88.7 mph12/17/13.8 mpgMotor Trend
V84.2L V8AWD6A7.9 sec15.55 sec @ 88.83 mph12/17/---- mpgMotor Trend
V84.2L V8AWD6A7.8 sec15.8 sec @ 89 mph12/17/17 mpgMotor Week
V10 TDI5.0L Turbo Diesel V10AWD6A6.2 sec14.7 sec @ 93 mph15/22/20 mpgCar and Driver
V10 TDI5.0L Turbo Diesel V10AWD6A6.3 sec14.8 sec @ 92 mph15/22/21 mpgMotor Week

About Volkswagen Touareg

One of the most successful car models that Volkswagen has made is the VW Touareg. It is still one of the most popular SUVs in the world today. When it was first introduced in the market, the car was an immediate success.

Eight years from its initial launching, the VW Touareg sold almost 500,000 units. Volkswagen has continued upgrading its design and features since then. Its second generation has been on the market for only four years and it has already been given a mid-life facelift.

With its current design improvements, this car model is something you need to consider if you are thinking of buying a new SUV.

A Glimpse of VW Touareg’s Development

Volkswagen Touareg 0-60The production of the VW Touareg started in 2002 at the Bratislava plant of Volkswagen. It is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV that is also designed to be an off-road vehicle that handles like a sports car.

Its platform is called Volkswagen Group PL71, which is shared by Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. The name of the car was taken from the Tuareg tribe, a group of people in North Africa who speaks Berber.

The V6 and the V8 variants comprise most of the VW Touareg made and sold. This class of vehicle is not aimed at the mass market, but to those who are looking for luxury SUVs similar to those produced by Mercedes Benz and BMW.


Some of the most important specifications of the VW Touareg that you need to know are the following:

  • Engine – 3.6 liter V-6, premium unleaded, direct gasoline injection, rated at 280 horsepower at 6,200 RPM with 265 lb. ft. torque at 3,000 RPM.
  • Drive train – all wheel drive, 8 trans type, automatic with OD
  • Steering – rack-pinion
  • Suspension – front: double wishbone; rear – multi-link


You can describe the way the VW Touareg functions in two words: refined performance. Perhaps one of the reasons is the reduction of its weight by 450 pounds when the vehicle was redesigned in 2011.

The base V6 gasoline model is very quick, with its eight-speed transmission that revs up when it is needed. Its massive power allows you to tow as much as 7,700 pounds. With its very strong torque you will be very confident while driving in the highway, or towing anything on the city streets.

The hybrid model, with its 428 lb. ft. torque and 380 horses will allow you to run fast from a true stop, although it may feel a bit sluggish. This model has an electric motor system located in between the standard engine and the transmission.

If you want a more powerful version that you can use off the road, you can opt for a Terrain Tech addition. This package comes with an adjustable air suspension and will enable you to handle any off-road tasks.

Fuel Consumption

The base model V6 engine has an EPA rated 17 miles per gallon – city driving and 23 miles per gallon – highway driving. It is actually at the bottom of the fuel economy scale of the VW Touareg.

Fuel consumption gets better with the TDI diesel V 6. It is rated at 20 miles per gallon – city driving and 29 miles per gallon – highway driving. The hybrid model is also fuel efficient, with its 20/24 miles per gallon or 21 miles per gallon combined.

If most of your driving is done in the highway, the TDI diesel variant will be more feasible since it offers the most in fuel mileage.


The safety features of the VW Touareg, together with its credentials make it a very safe car to drive. It stands out as one of the safest cars in the market because of its advanced safety technology, which is proven by its high crash-test scores.

In fact, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has given the VW Touareg top scores in frontal, side, rear, and roof-strength tests.

The vehicle is equipped with 9 standard airbags, together with the other standard safety features of most crossovers. But its most attractive safety features are the Lane Assist, blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control plus Front Assist with City Emergency Braking.

In addition, the VW Touareg also comes with bi-xenon lamps with Dynamic Light Assist, as well as an Area View monitor with four cameras. It seems that nothing is left out in providing drivers and passengers the safety net that they need while inside this car.

We have not yet discussed the comfort features of this vehicle. But as can be gleaned in its very attractive features discussed above, the VW Touareg must also have superior comfort qualities to make it a popular car in its class.

Overall, the VW Touareg is the SUV that is worthy of your consideration, if you are in the market for an expensive SUV that you can use off-road, and in elegant city settings.

To learn more about VW Touareg, visit the official Volkswagen website.


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