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Nissan Rogue 0-60 Times

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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2017 Nissan Rogue

SL Hybrid Pure Drive2.0L I-4 + Elec 30-kWAWDCVT9.1 sec17.0 sec @ 79.9 mph31/34/28.7 mpgMotor Trend
SL Hybrid Pure Drive2.0L I-4 + Elec 30-kWAWDCVT8.8 sec16.8 sec @ 84 mph31/34/29.4 mpgMotor Week
Sport SL2.0L I-4AWDCVT10.0 sec17.6 sec @ 79 mph24/30/22 mpgCar and Driver
Sport SL2.0L I-4AWDCVT9.8 sec17.5 sec @ 80.6 mph24/30/---- mpgMotor Trend
Sport SV2.0L I-4AWDCVT10.0 sec17.6 sec @ 79 mph24/30/---- mpgMotor Week

2016 Nissan Rogue

SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT9.1 sec17.0 sec @ 80 mph25/32/21 mpgCar and Driver
SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT9.0 sec16.8 sec @ 83 mph25/32/21.9 mpgMotor Trend

2014 Nissan Rogue

SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT8.9 sec17.0 sec @ 83 mph25/32/21 mpgCar and Driver
SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT9.1 sec17.0 sec @ 83.2 mph25/32/23.1 mpgMotor Trend
SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT8.9 sec16.9 sec @ 83 mph25/32/---- mpgMotor Week

2008 Nissan Rogue

SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT8.2 sec16.4 sec @ 86 mph21/26/20 mpgCar and Driver
SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.9 sec @ 84 mph21/26/21 mpgCar and Driver
SL2.5L I-4FWDCVT8.0 sec16.2 sec @ 86.2 mph22/27/22.2 mpgMotor Trend
SL2.5L I-4FWDCVT8.2 sec16.4 sec @ 85.5 mph22/27/21.6 mpgMotor Trend
SL2.5L I-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.8 sec @ 85 mph21/26/24 mpgMotor Week

About Nissan Rogue

The current version of the Nissan Rogue is the latest compact SUV in the world. Its newest redesign was done just last year. Therefore, if you are looking for the freshest SUV look, you need to think about this car.

This is only the second generation of the Rogue and its closest rivals should be feeling the heat of its competition. But the Rogue has set itself apart from the rest by using a CVT that enables it to be one of the most fuel efficient cars in the world.

If you are in the market for an affordable SUV that has the latest design, think about the 2015 Nissan Rogue.

A Short Glimpse at Rogue’s History

Nissan Rogue 0-60Launched in October, 2007, the Rogue is Nissan’s mid-size crossover SUV version. It was introduced by Nissan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, 2007.

This car is the North American version of the Qashgai, which was designed in Europe, and branded as the Dualis in Australia and Japan.

The Rogue replaced the Nissan X-Trail in Canada, and the Nissan Xtierra in Mexico, although the Xtierra continues to be sold in Canada and the United States. As stated before, the current version of the Rogue belongs to its second generation.


Having some knowledge of the more important specs of the car will put you in a better position to decide if it is the car for you or not.

There are two versions of the Rogue, the S and the SV. Both variants are equipped with the same engine and powertrain.

  • Engine: 2.5 liters, DOHC 16 valves, 4 cylinders
  • Horsepower: 170 hp. at 6,000 RPM
  • Torque: 175 lb.-ft. at 4,400 RPM
  • CVTCS: continuous variable valve timing control system on intake and exhaust valves
  • Ignition: Nissan direct ignition system with double platinum-tipped spark plugs
  • Drive: front wheel drive
  • Transmission: Xtronic Continuous Variable Transmission
  • Steering: vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering
  • Suspension: independent strut front suspension, independent multi-link rear suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars
  • Brakes: 4-wheel vented disc brakes, 4-wheel anti-lock braking system, Electronic Brake force Distribution


The current Rogue has improved its road feel and its electric power steering does not wander and search for the right position when driving in grooved pavement. It reacts smoothly to sudden changes.

You will also find that the car’s suspension provides a smooth ride and very controlled. This is largely due to the addition of the electronically powered stability-control logic.

In certain driving conditions, the suspension damps the accelerator to provide a smooth ride over bumps, while in other situations, it clamps the inside front brake in corners so that the car can go nimbly through them.

Its power to speed you up from zero is not that great, but passable for a car its size. From 0 to 60 miles per hour, the Rogue will take about 8.9 seconds.

Fuel Economy

One of the plusses of the Rogue is its EPA ratings. The front-drive car is certified by the EPA as excellent and its fuel economy in the real-world is equally good.

Its EPA rating is 26 miles per gallon city driving and 33 mpg highway driving which gives a combined 28 mpg city/highway driving.

These figures show an improvement in the previous versions. The older versions are only rated at 23 mpg city driving and 28 highway driving. An older version of the all-wheel drive only got 22/26 mpg.


The IIHS considers the Rogue as a Top Safety Pick, but the NHTSA does not agree. It gave the car relatively poor scores.

Considering the car’s safety features will show you if it is safe to drive or not. Standard issues in the Rogue are stability control and curtain airbags. It is also equipped with tire pressure monitors, together with Nissan’s Fill Tire alert.

Visibility inside the cabin is good; however, its rear pillars block some of the vision at the back. Optional safety items include a lane-departure system, blind spot monitors, and a forward collision alert system.

Rogue performed well in all crash tests of the IIHS that’s why it gave the car its TSP+ nod. But out of five stars, the NHTSA only gave the Rogue a four star overall rating. However, on side impact tests, the NHTSA gave the car a five-star rating.

Comfort and Quality

It is in the comfort department that the Rogue will catch your attention. The car has excellent front seats and the space in the second row is very roomy. However, the third row appears to be rather limited.

If you will consider that the Rogue is one of the smallest crossovers in the market, just having a third row is quite an accomplishment.

The trimming inside the cabin is what makes the Rogue stand out. It has better looking materials, and the dash is tightly composed from metallic trim and low-glow plastics.

To learn more about Nissan Rogue, visit the official Nissan website.

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