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Nissan Armada 0-60 Times

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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2018 Nissan Armada

Platinum5.6L V8AWD7A6.2 sec14.8 sec @ 94 mph13/18/16.9 mpgMotor Trend

2017 Nissan Armada

Platinum5.6L V8AWD7A5.9 sec14.7 sec @ 96 mph13/18/---- mpgCar and Driver
Platinum5.6L V8AWD7A6.3 sec14.9 sec @ 94 mph13/18/15.1 mpgMotor Trend

2008 Nissan Armada

LE5.6L V84x45A6.8 sec15.3 sec @ 88.9 mph12/17/11.9 mpgMotor Trend

2004 Nissan Armada

LE5.6L V8RWD5A7.0 sec15.5 sec @ 89 mph12/18/15 mpgCar and Driver
SE5.6L V84x45A7.0 sec15.5 sec @ 88 mph12/17/13 mpgCar and Driver
SE5.6L V84x45A7.0 sec15.15 sec @ 88.23 mph12/17/---- mpgMotor Trend
SE5.6L V84x45A7.1 sec15.34 sec @ 88.61 mph12/17/---- mpgMotor Trend
SE5.6L V84x45A7.0 sec15.5 sec @ 82 mph12/17/15 mpgMotor Week

About Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada has become synonymous with classic SUVs –full featured, full size and rugged- and yet these class of vehicles have given way to newer, more tech savvy variants. However, the 2015 Armada shows that there’s still plenty of life in these SUVs, and with its new features likely to convert more than a few doubters into believers.


Nissan Armada 0-60Behind the truck-based chassis is a spacious interior layered in tough, impressive sheetmetal. Most of the GM trucks have undergone extensive renovation, but the Armada retains its distinct look and it’s as tow-ready as ever. The raised rear cabin and the angular exterior exude machismo and strength, something that extends to the interior which is organized nicely.

Inside you’ll find some comfortable seats, smooth but firm, and overall the ride will be smooth even on bumpy roads. It does help that the seats aren’t just comfy but set in a spacious cabin that gives you sufficient leg room. The first two rows are very comfortable and there is sufficient headroom owing to the bowed roofline.

The seating capacity is eight but if you opt for the 2nd row captain’s chairs the capacity is reduced to 7. Third row seats have traditionally been tight for adults, but the Armada is notable exception, and getting in and out is straightforward. Because there’s plenty of room at the back of the third row seats, getting cargo in place is easy.

Bottom line: if you carry a lot of cargo when you travel, just keep the third row seats down, but if you need extra seats, just keep them out. Either way the Armada will do fine. You can leave the third seats up and put some stuff in the SUV, but space is going to be limited.


The interior isn’t as flashy when compared to other SUVs, but Nissan has dressed it up quite a bit in recent years. There are quite a few plastic trim components but well placed, and the wind noise level isn’t that bad either. Engine noise will only become an issue if the Armada is fully cranked up and even then the sound of the powerful engine never really gets old.

Three trim levels are available, the Platinum, SL and SV. All three can be four-wheel or rear wheel drive, and while the options aren’t as extensive compared to other models, what you get is still top notch. The Platinum is the high end and if you’re after comfort and style this is the one to get.

With the Platinum Armada you a hard drive for storing music, a navigation system with real time traffic updates and DVD entertainment to keep passengers happy while on a long road trip. Other goodies include a power rear lift gate, a moon roof, heated steering wheel and heated front seats.

Engine and Performance

The Armada still has the Endurance V8 engine, and while it takes up more than a bit of room in the engine bay, it more than makes up for it in terms of power. The 317 HP is still pretty good in its class and range, and the 5.6 L comes out strong with 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds, thanks mainly to the 5-speed automatic which works just fine. Whether you opt for the four or rear wheel drive, the combination works well.

The Armada’s passing is more than adequate, and the Armada is capable of towing more than 9,000 pounds so support for heavy hauls won’t be a concern. The brakes are strong as is the handling, and while maneuvering the Armada isn’t as smooth compared to other SUVs, it’s still very manageable. Making sudden direction changes isn’t difficult although you will feel some of the vehicle’s weight and size.

There’s a perception that the Armada is difficult to drive and that it’s too heavy. While it’s certainly not light, the steering is still smooth when you’re driving, and taking the vehicle into corners requires just a little effort. But for many, the biggest attraction of this SUV is its usability, towing power and reliability. There’s a reason why the Armada line has lasted this long, and the 2015 edition upholds that tradition of reliability.


  • Wheelbase (in): 123.2
  • Height, Overall (in): 77.2
  • Length, Overall (in): 207.7
  • Gas Mileage: 19 mpg Hwy / 13 mpg City
  • Engine: Regular Unleaded V-8, 5.6 L
  • Drivetrain: rear wheel drive
  • Transmission: electronic 5-speed automatic
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 317 @ 5200
  • Displacement: 5.6 L/339
  • Torque @ RPM: 385 @ 3400


The Nissan Armada has always been a masculine ride, and its latest incarnation is no different. What makes the 2015 edition unique is the feature set has been upgraded to meet the needs of drivers today without compromising the power. If you have a taste for true blue SUVs then the Armada will not disappoint.

To learn more about Nissan Armada, visit the official Nissan website.

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