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Nissan Xterra 0-60 Times

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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2008 Nissan Xterra

Off-Road4.0L V64x45A7.4 sec15.8 sec @ 86.8 mph14/20/13.8 mpgMotor Trend

2006 Nissan Xterra

Off-Road4.0L V64x46M7.0 sec15.7 sec @ 89 mph15/19/16 mpgCar and Driver
Off-Road4.0L V64x45A7.4 sec15.8 sec @ 85.7 mph14/19/15.1 mpgMotor Trend

2001 Nissan Xterra

XE V63.3L V64x44A10.5 sec17.9 sec @ 75 mph14/17/15 mpgCar and Driver

2000 Nissan Xterra

SE V63.3L V64x44A10.9 sec18.1 sec @ 73.2 mph14/17/---- mpgMotor Trend
SE V63.3L V64x44A10.2 sec17.7 sec @ 78 mph14/17/---- mpgMotor Week

About Nissan Xterra

The spacious cabin of the Nissan Xterra offers much more room than what its rivals can offer. This extra space will provide you more comfort as you drive this compact SUV on your off-road trips.

Its powerful engine can get you anywhere, even if there’s only dirt road to where you’re going. Certainly with its excellent comfort amenities, you’ll arrive at your destination still looking fresh and not disheveled.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable Compact SUV that is powerful and comfortable to drive, don’t look any further.

A Short Glimpse at Nissan Xterra’s History

Nissan Xterra 0-60The name Xterra was taken by Nissan from the XTERRA off-road triathlon race series that the car manufacturer has sponsored from 1998 to 2006. Nissan bought the Xterra name from TEAM Unlimited LLC, a Hawaiian-based company.

The vehicle’s platform was based on the Nissan Frontier pickup. It was introduced in North America in 1999 and branded as an SUV that has ‘Everything you need, nothing you don’t.’

This vehicle was not actually the first SUV that Nissan manufactured. Nissan was already selling the Nissan Rasheen and Nissan Mistral before building the Xterra. By 2013, the Xterra remains as Nissan’s entry level for its SUV segment.


If you will examine the specs of this vehicle, you will understand why it has been selling successfully in the United States. Here are some of its more important specs that you need to know.

  • Engine: 4.0L, V6, 24 valves, cam type DOHC, variable valve timing, 261 horsepower at 5,600 RPM, 281 lb.-ft. at 4,000 RPM of torque
  • Transmission: 5 speed automatic
  • Drive train: rear wheel drive
  • Suspension: front independent suspension, front and rear stabilizer bar


On the pavement, the Nissan Xterra performs well. It rides reasonably smooth on all kinds of road surfaces. Thanks to its independent suspension in front as well as a solid rear axle at the rear.

With its 261 horsepower and V6 engine, it can produce huge torque at low revs. This makes it perfect for your off-road trips. The car is equipped with Hill Start Assist, and Hill Descent Control which is coupled with an electronic stability control system so you won’t have any problem in keeping the car’s traction in check.

The Xterra’s engine has more than enough power to tow a trailer at highway speeds. It will also give you enough power and stability in negotiating the car slowly and carefully down the most rugged terrain.

Fuel Economy

You can’t expect a car that boasts of being able to provide power on off-road conditions to economize on fuel. The Nissan Xterra with automatic transmission will only give you 15 miles to the gallon in the city, and 20 mpg on the highway.

Those figures are nearly the same as that of other brands of off-roaders of the same size and class. With an Xterra fitted with manual transmission, your mileage will be a bit better. In the city, you’ll be able to get 16 mpg, while on the highway; it will get you 22 mpg.

If most of your driving is in the city, you have to be ready to pay more for your gas. But then again, when you buy this type and size of car, you are not so much concerned about your gasoline expenses, aren’t you?


One of the things that Nissan did with the Xterra is to load it with enough advanced safety features as standard items. Thus, the Xterra should be one of the safest vehicles you will ever drive.

The car has front active head restraints, stability control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes and side-curtain airbags. If you chose an Xterra with an automatic transmission, it comes with Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist which will help stabilize your ride regardless of the road condition.

The NHTSA has awarded this car a top score of ‘good’ in its moderate overlap front impact test. But it only gave the car an ‘acceptable’ score in its roof strength test, and ‘marginal’ score for the car’s head restraints and seats.

Comfort and Quality

The Xterra is a practical workhorse but it does not forget about comfort as well. Obviously you cannot expect the best comfort in a car that you intend to put to hard work. But its interiors will offer you enough coziness to soothe your muscles after you’ve done some pretty heavy work using the car.

There are lots of easy to access surfaces inside the cabin. It’s pretty quiet in the city, but you will notice some amount of noise creeping in on the highway. But compared to other cars in its class, the Xterra is relatively quiet.

There’s ample room in the passenger seat up front, as well as in the second row. But taller passengers will find the third row a bit of a challenge. But when folded forward, the third row offers extra space for cargo.

To learn more about Nissan Xterra, visit the official Nissan website.

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