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There’s no second opinion how powerful the Jaguar’s new XJR575 is. In fact, it exhibits power right in its name, as the three digits contained there in announcing the 575 power-packed horses residing under the hood of the Jaguar’s largest sedan ever: The Jaguar XJ. Apparently it is present everywhere you set your eyes upon: embellished on four of the five seats, inscribed on the doorsills, caught on the trunk, and prominently featured right at the top of the dash. In Jaguar’s not-so-sophisticated marking of XJ, the horsepower seems like an abstract, immaterial idea—something that cannot be heard or seen either.

But XJR575 is different. Unleashed to see, hear and feel those workhorses, the best advertisement of the XJR575 could be discovered right under the driver’s right foot. All you need to do is thrust the accelerator and what the Jaguar’s big sedan does next is an imprint of the company’s classic Leaper hood ornament, charging headfirst and flying across the landscape. The world beyond the glass fades away in the flash of a moment as the boosted V-8 roars, and the push compresses your guts.

Catering to the luxury of a Big Sedan

The XJR575 is unveiled as the latest steroid injection for the archaic 8-year-old XJ. Sharing its powered-up 5.0-liter V-8 with the F-Type SVR, this big yet not so big sedan gets a 25-hp thumps whereas its torque rises from 14 lb-ft to a mighty 516. The auto-giants claim that the XJR575 will sprint past from 0 to 60 mph in merely 4.2 seconds. Although, we are witness to the momentous run made by the 550-hp XJR to clock 3.8 seconds, we expect the much powerful 575 to at least knock a tenth off that time.

What makes this car more and more impressive is its pace on a fast back road. Admitting its exterior dimensions are in equivalence for the segment, the XJ575’s cabin feels much narrower than those of the BMW 7-series, Audi A8, and Mercedes-Benz S-class. Thanks to the compact nature of the car, it assists in punctuating the feeling of littleness and lightness the driver experiences behind the wheel.

At nearly 4350 pounds, the XJR575 with its long-wheel base (the sole version of the XJR575 to be launched in the United States) weighs almost 750 pounds lesser than its German competitor  BMW’s 600-hp M760i and 700 pounds less than the Mercedes-AMG S63, as both of these models lay extra emphasis and weight due to the all-wheel drive.

Light-weight and fast, the XJR’s athleticism stands-way-ahead of its competitors. The car showcases lesser isolation and float than majority of its competitors, thanks to its tight roll control, well-connected steering, and firm yet comfortable damping. While the rear-seat legroom is phenomenal, the XJR575 is designed focusing around the driver rather than the back seat.

Gazing through the Features

Commencing the sales at $123,395 from the end of this year, the XJR575 will just cost $1400 more than its predecessor: The 550-horse XJR with a long wheel base. What make it different from the other XJs are the two hood vents, unique side sills, a spoiler, and gloss-black exterior trims that replace the old-fashioned chrome accents. The red brake callipers now mount the 20-inch gloss-black wheels, and if you are amongst the buyers who want a six-figure boy racer, a Subaru-styled hue called Velocity Blue—then you could have it for an extra $4080.

The XJ’s interior is state-of-the art and attractive, but lacks the indomitable appeal of the trendsetting S-class. For better or worse, the XJ’s gloss-black plastic trim resembles plastic. The car isn’t loaded with the ultra-modern technology like a BMW that you could park using your cell phone or an Audi that can steer itself through traffic.

But focusing more on the driving experience, the XJ offers a great place to spend a day of driving. The leather seats are finely quilted and offer a great comfort for hours at a time, whereas the cabin is impressively quiet at high speeds.

To sum up, the XJ caters to the plain minimum of tech and luxury that is required to dominate this segment.  It is neither a status symbol in the way that an S-class or a 7-series is. So, if all you are looking for is to pilot a big sedan, there is no second opinion that the XJR575 offers a light-footed alternate to its segment’s heavyweights. It’s not only an apt long-distance road warrior but also handles the curvy roads respectably well. Plus, the added luxury of power only makes it more skilful and proficient at raging a back road or clearing away a freeway.

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