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The James Bond series is one of the most iconic franchises in the movie industry. It’s been there for decades and it seems it won’t be going anywhere soon. With the newest installment, Spectre, nearing its premier, everyone is excited to see, not just the cast and the movie, but also the new Aston Martin.

Shaken, not Stirred

The Aston Martin brand has now been associated with the James Bond franchise. The relationship of the franchise and Aston Martin has reached 11 films in 50 years. In celebration of the 50th year of this partnership, Aston Martin has designated the DB10 as the official James Bond car for the upcoming 24th movie, Spectre. Dr. Andy Palmer, CEO, says it’s “created especially for James Bond”.

First driven by the legendary Sean Connery in Goldfinger, the Aston Martin DB5 has stapled its position as the Bond’s vehicle choice. Next, Pierce Brosnan’s debut as the Spy Who Loved Me in Goldeneye, also featured the DB5. However, the most iconic nod to the charm brought by the DB5 and Aston Martin to the series was in Casino Royale and Skyfall, driven by Bond actor Daniel Craig.

The Power, Speed and Class Every Spy Needs

This begs the question, why does James Bond need an Aston Martin? Apart from the obvious British car driven by a British spy, Aston Martin never ceases to amaze on how classy each car look. Looking at the front of modern Aston Martin’s, there is a fierce look in the car staring back. The aerodynamic design gives the Aston Martin the timeless and prestigious look it deserves.

Q by Aston Martin is a rarely spoken service of the company. These Q customers are able to customize their vehicle according to their taste and preference. It allows the Q customer to have his visions on how the car should look like and Aston Martin would take care of the rest.

An Aston Martin car must show speed and power suited for an international spy. The Vanquish, Aston Martin’s current and powerful two-seater sports car, has that capacity. Sporting an AM29 V12 engine, it pushes the Vanquish from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds. It has a 568 BHP, but it has an improved fuel efficiency of 22.1 mpg. A top speed of 201 mph is enough to chase or outrun villains.

Performance Outside Movies

Aston Martin cars do not only show its greatness in movies, but also in real life. For 101 years, the company has strived to provide car enthusiasts with a vehicle that they can ride and feel the power and elegance in every kilometer driven.

Recently, Aston Martin won in Sao Paolo. They ended the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship with two wins in the Six Hours of Sao Paolo. This is in addition to the already numerous accomplishments of Aston Martin in the racing arena.

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