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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2018 Volvo S90

T8 Inscription Plug-In Hybrid Sedan2.0L Turbo Supercharger I-4 + Elec 10.4-kWhAWD8A4.5 sec13.3 sec @ 103 mph26/33/27 mpgCar and Driver

2017 Volvo S90

T5 Momentum Sedan2.0L Turbo I-4FWD8A6.3 sec14.8 sec @ 97 mph23/34/26 mpgCar and Driver
T5 Momentum Sedan2.0L Turbo I-4FWD8A6.5 sec14.9 sec @ 94.9 mph23/34/---- mpgMotor Trend
T6 Inscription Sedan2.0L Turbo Supercharger I-4AWD8A5.6 sec14.1 sec @ 101 mph22/31/22 mpgCar and Driver
T6 Inscription Sedan2.0L Turbo Supercharger I-4AWD8A5.6 sec14.1 sec @ 98.9 mph22/31/20.8 mpgMotor Trend
T6 Inscription Sedan2.0L Turbo Supercharger I-4AWD8A5.6 sec14.1 sec @ 101 mph22/31/---- mpgMotor Week

About Volvo S90

Scandinavian design, and especially Swedish design, has always been about subtlety and simplicity.

That’s certainly true when it comes to the reputation of the Volvo car brand, which is also famous for its excellent safety features. But then we have the Volvo S90, and now you can definitely add style to the mix.

The S90 Design

Volvo S90 0-60To say that the S90 sedan looks good would be an understatement. It’s true that it’s not quite a head-turning spectacle. But its subtle good looks are easily appreciated the more you stare at it. It offers the elegance of beautiful princess, instead of the garish styling of a pop princess. There’s nothing exaggerated in the S90 design.

Take a look at the grille, which is a bit larger than what you’d normally find in older Volvos. You’d think this larger size may appear a bit gaudy, but that’s not true at all. It combines harmoniously with the headlights and other elements on the nose. The grille looks solid, substantial, and serious, in contrast to the light and cheap Volvo grilles of yesteryear.

Then there are the headlamps. They’re actually very simple assemblies, but they give the impression of a wider and more substantial car.

This won’t startle pedestrians and shock other drivers on the road. Instead, the balanced look is understated in its elegance. You have clean lines that flow smoothly from front to back, and these are balanced nicely in the coupe-like roofline. The overall look is refined and mature without feeling too old or outdated.

Inside the cabin, the feeling is much the same. The dashboard layout is straightforward and clean, without the starkness that pervades much of Scandinavian design (such as Scandinavian furniture). You have a pleasant combination of dark and light leather, bright aluminum, and open-pore wood trim with a matte finish.

T5 FWD Momentum

This offers a new standard for luxury sedans, as it’s equipped with the latest technologies such as a semi-autonomous driving system. Inside, you have amenities such as leather seat surfaces for your comfort.

It’s powered by a 2L 4-cylinder turbo engine with 250 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission with start/stop and adaptive shift. But the fuel economy is excellent at 34 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg for city driving.

T5 FWD Inscription

This costs a few thousand more, but then again you get more features that will suit refined tastes. The seats are heated and ventilated, and they’re covered in Nappa soft leather. Luxury comes with features such as linear walnut wood inlays, while you get more comfort with the 4-zone electronic climate control system.

T6 AWD Momentum

This time you have an all-wheel drive along with a supercharged engine. Now you have more power to play with, as you get 316 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Getting to 60mph takes just 5.6 seconds.

The fuel economy doesn’t really suffer much because of the added capabilities, as you still get 31 mpg for highway cruising and 22 mpg for city driving.

You also still get the semi-autonomous driving system, along with the auto high beam and the LED headlights with the Thor’s Hammer daylight running lights.

T6 AWD Inscription

This is the best of the lot, since it’s the most expensive trim. This is where Volvo combines both luxury and performance into a single stylishly designed car. You get the heated and ventilated front seats with the Nappa soft leather, and for the rear doors you get sun curtains too.

Driving Assists and Safety Features

No discussion of any Volvo car is really complete without a mention of the famed Volvo safety features. Here they include the following:

  • The clean zone technology filters the air you breathe from pollutants.
  • The Pilot Assist features helps with the steering, the acceleration and deceleration, and the braking up to 80 mph.
  • With the Park Assist feature, parking the car while going in reverse isn’t a problem. You have a 360-degree camera that gives you a clear view of the tight spots.
  • You also get City Safety and Large Animal Detection technology, which detects pedestrians and cyclists on the road. It prepares the brakes if there’s a risk of collision.


This is available 4 trims right now, but there’s a 5th (a T8 hybrid) on the way next year. But there’s really no need to wait that long, and that’s because the available choices are all excellent.

It’s basically an elegantly beautiful car that’s very easy to drive. You’ve got plenty of safety features here that keeps you from skidding off the road even in bad weather, or from hitting the car ahead of you. It’s a traditional luxury car, but with Volvo there’s nothing wrong with its tradition of safety. Now you can just add excellent styling as a new tradition with the Volvo S90. It’s different from the other cars on the road, and it’s different in a very good way indeed.

To learn more about Volvo S90, visit the official Volvo website.

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