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Qvale 0-60 Times

Qvale was an Italian-American automaker that was founded in 2000 by businessman Kjell Qvale. The company was based in San Francisco, California and produced a single model, the Mangusta, which was a high-performance sports car.

The Mangusta was based on a design by Italian car designer Marcello Gandini, and featured a mid-engine layout and sleek, aerodynamic styling. The car was powered by a Ford V8 engine and offered impressive performance, with a top speed of over 150 mph.

Despite its promising start, Qvale struggled to establish itself in the highly competitive sports car market. The company faced financial difficulties and was eventually acquired by MG Rover Group, a British automaker, in 2003.

Under MG Rover’s ownership, the Qvale Mangusta was rebranded as the MG XPower SV and production continued for a few more years. However, MG Rover itself faced financial troubles and went bankrupt in 2005, bringing an end to production of the Mangusta and its variants.

Today, Qvale is no longer an active automaker and the Mangusta remains a rare and sought-after collector’s item. While the Qvale brand may not have had a long history or a significant impact on the automotive industry, the Mangusta is remembered for its striking design and impressive performance capabilities.

Despite its short lifespan, Qvale made an impact in the automotive industry with its innovative designs and commitment to producing high-performance sports cars. The Mangusta remains a beloved classic among sports car enthusiasts, and is often seen at car shows and on the track.

Today, Kjell Qvale’s legacy lives on through his many contributions to the automotive industry. He was a pioneer in the importation of European sports cars to the United States, and played a key role in the introduction of brands such as Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin to the American market.

Overall, Qvale was a short-lived automaker that produced a single model, the Mangusta, before being acquired by MG Rover and eventually going out of business. While the Qvale brand may not have had a significant impact on the automotive industry, the Mangusta remains a unique and memorable sports car that is still appreciated by enthusiasts today.

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