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Formula One racing means speed and precision. The drivers must be fully alert and aware in order to control their machine and compete to win the race. The cars must have the capacity to act as the extension of the driver, faster and meaner on the road. McLaren, however, is a step ahead of that fundamental.


Bruce McLaren, founder of McLaren Racing Limited, is a Formula One race car driver. He knew what was fast and what was need to be fast. However, when he started McLaren in 1963, speed was not yet on his side when he joined the Grand Prix in 1966. Technical problems and weak engines hampered his future success.

In 1968, the McLaren team used their M7A car with a DFV engine. From that point on, the championships and winnings of McLaren would soon pile up. The legendary Michael Schumacher gave McLaren a long ride of gold until his retirement. Their success seems to be on a rollercoaster ride. In 2014, the highest grid position the team placed in was in Britain in 3rd place.


A sports car can maybe go from 0-100 km/h in about 4 seconds. A supercar, on the other hand can reach that speeds in a little more than half that time. A hybrid supercar, well, odd as it may sound, is a reality that is fast enough to make Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear want to call it “The Window Maker.” Meet the McLaren P1.

The design of the car is simply mind blowing. It is made of light material and designed to ensure that minimal materials are used to build it. It’s lightweight and built to withstand strong winds caused by its phenomenal speeds.

As a hybrid supercar, it has a petrol engine and an electric motor to maintain low emissions and great fuel economy. The power is, well, scary. Clarkson claims that the P1 is fast, very fast, mind blowing fast. It has a total of over 903 BHP from its V8 engine and electric motor. It tears through the road from 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. All of this in a rear wheel drive supercar.


The McLaren P1 is an innovation in itself. It is designed so that every part of it works together to give the P1 more speed and torque. Whenever the V8 engine hits a weak spot, the electric motor does it job, to maintain a fluid and powerful drive. The electric motor also boosts the impact of the internal combustion engine.

As to maintaining the car grounded, the body adapts to suit its environment. The rear wing would move up to keep the car down, but lowers at a certain point to protect the suspension. The breaks are made with silicon carbide, making it tough and capable of stopping the P1.

Basically, McLaren designs its cars to be fast and reliable. It takes technology, crumple it up, and produce high-tech supercars. McLaren truly is a true example of British engineering.

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