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kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2016 McLaren 570S

Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8RWD7A2.7 sec10.7 sec @ 133 mph16/23/15 mpgCar and Driver
Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8RWD7A2.9 sec10.7 sec @ 134 mph16/23/13 mpgCar and Driver
Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8RWD7A2.8 sec10.7 sec @ 132 mph16/23/---- mpgMotor Trend
Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8RWD7A3.1 sec10.9 sec @ 137 mph16/23/---- mpgMotor Week
Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8RWD7A2.8 sec10.6 sec @ 133 mph16/23/---- mpgRoad & Track

About McLaren 570S

The McLaren company’s definition of what a “fast car” is somewhat, well, insane by normal standards. But McLaren cars are anything but normal, and the 570S and the 570GT is the latest proof of that.

These cars aren’t for normal people. They’re for those who want to go crazily fast, and who are ridiculously rich.

Performance and Price

McLaren 570S 0-60The 570S came out first, and it is part of the Sports Series that McLaren offers. It’s not quite as insanely speedy as the demented Super Series, and certainly not as deranged as the psychotic Ultimate Series as defined by the P1. The P1, if you remember, can go from standstill to 62 mph in as little as 2.7 seconds due to the monstrous 986bhp engine. Reaching 124 mph from standstill takes just 6.8 seconds. Its top speed is 218 mph, but that’s because of the limiter, and not because of the engine’s inherent limitations. Without the leash, it would go up to 249 mph.

In contrast, the 570 series is positively lollygagging along. McLaren calls the 570S and the 570GT their “entry level cars”. They’re the slowest and most affordable cars in their lineup, so you won’t (hopefully) need to wear diapers when you drive them.

That’s still debatable, since they both have a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine that puts out 562 HP (that’s 570 bhp, hence the name) and 443 lb-ft of torque. They use the carbon-fiber tub to make them strong and to reduce the weight. And they also have the same 7-speed gearbox to drive the wheels in the rear.

For the 570S, reaching 62 mph needs just 3.2 seconds, while it takes 9.5 seconds to get to 124 mph. The top speed is 204 mph, which can get you a very long time in prison in the US if you’re actually crazy enough to reach it on the highway.

If these speeds are still too fast for you, then you can get the GT counterpart of the 570. The 570GT takes 3.4 seconds to reach 62 mph, and 9.8 seconds to get to 124 mph, although the top speed is still the same at 204 mph.

This is the genteel version, although the GT actually stands for Grand Touring or Gran Turismo. McLaren adhered to the original meaning of the concept, so they softened the still hardcore 570S into a more refined car you can actually use to travel cross-country in relative comfort. It’s why the GT is more expensive than the 570S. You’ll need $184,900 to get the 570S and $198,950 for the 570GT.

Differences Between The 570S and The 570GT

These two seem very similar, and they both share certain key traits. They’re both coupes. They have the same carbon-fiber tub, engine, and 7-speed dual clutch transmission. So what’s changed, aside from the speed and the price?

  • The 570s is known for its flat hood that’s a take on the supercar image, along with its flying buttresses. But the designers tweaked a few panels from the roof, rear wings, and deck for the 570GT and now it has a side hinged glass hatch. The changes in the aluminum panels and the added trim caused an increase of weight to 2,976 pounds, from the 570S’s 2,894 pounds.
  • Trunk Space. The changes gave a more airy feel for the interior, and it really boosted the trunk space. The S had a “frunk” which offered 5.3 cubic feet of luggage space, and that’s still available. But the hatch redesign added an extra 7.3 cubic feet of space (this is what McLaren calls the Touring Deck). All in all, the GT’s luggage capacity goes up to 13.1 cubic feet.

To put that in perspective, compare that to the other sports cars that the 570 cars are supposed to go up against in the market. The Porsche 991 911 only offers about 4.7 cubic feet for luggage. The Audi R8 is even worse, as it just gives you 3.5 cubic feet in the front trunk. With the 570GT, the luggage space is even greater than what you get in a Ford Focus, at least on paper. It even almost matches the luggage capacity of a Honda Accord.

  • Since the point is greater comfort and practicality in the GT, the newer car gets a 15% reduction in the front spring rates and a 10% reduction at the back. The damping force algorithms make it more compliant, and the overall downforce is reduced by 8% because the rear flying buttresses are gone.
  • Noise Reduction. The GT also has a quieter exhaust system, and it has steel brakes instead of the ceramic brakes that are standard in the 570S. The GT even uses a special set of Pirelli PZero tires that absorbs about 3 decibels of cabin noise.
  • Other changes. All these other changes reinforce the idea that the GT is more practical and refined. The GT has the panoramic sunroof, the special “soft-close” doors, and electronic steering column and seat adjustment as standard, while these are options in the 570S.

So what do we really know now? Both cars are super fast, but the 570S is a bit faster. The 570GT is however a bit more expensive and also more comfortable. And we also know that these are among the craziest entry level cars you’ll find these days. But that’s McLaren for you—there’s no point in really comparing them to other entry level street cars in the world.

To learn more about McLaren 570S, visit the official McLaren website.

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