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Fisker EMotion Electric Car Promises Fast Speeds and Greater Range



Some people are against the very idea of electric vehicles, despite the fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions. That’s because for the most part, these cars don’t have much of a range to speak of, and they can be too darn slow for adrenalin junkies. But don’t tell Henrik Fisker about these stereotypes, since he has built the Fisker EMotion to shatter all these previous beliefs.

What Can the Fisker EMotion Do?

The Fisker EMotion is an all-electric car slated for mass production, and its performance specs shatter all previous records regarding the supposed limitations of mass-produced EVs. Other electric cars may not have a long range, but the Fisker EMotion can go for 400 miles before it needs to recharge its batteries.

EVs may also be great in urban driving conditions, but their performance on highways and tracks isn’t exactly overwhelming. But now you can get an EV which can go all the way to 161 mph. That’s a speed that can get you arrested anywhere in the US

How Does the Fisker EMotion Achieve These Performance Specs?

What Henrik Fisker did was to first ditch the usual batteries you find in normal EVs. Instead, he came up with what’s now considered the most high tech battery of them all.

It’s actually powered by graphene, which is a type of pure carbon. Graphene is very strong and yet very light, while the conductivity is amazing. It’s strong enough that you don’t need to use as much of it for the batteries.

The problems with typical EV batteries are numerous. They’re large and heavy, they take a very long time to charge, and they use up their power far too quickly. But graphene batteries take much less time to fully charge, and they can store more energy for greater driving range. It also helps that they’re very light, and astonishingly they can even be stronger and yet cheaper batteries.

The design also helps with the speed and the range. At first glance, it already looks fast and sleek, and the modern curves seem intimidating. It’s made of composite carbon fiber and aluminum, and it offers an unforgettable look that will earn you a lot of attention in the streets.

But the design also concentrates on proper aerodynamics, and it’s this that really boosts the range and the speed. The nose is quite low, and the windshield is almost horizontal, so that the car seems to slice through the air with no effort while you drive. Then you also have a rear spoiler and a diffuser. Together with the low nose and flat windshield, the overall design really shapes the air around the Fisker EMotion so that the air can flow more smoothly around the car.

Comfortable Accommodations

Unlike typical sports cars, however, the Fisker EMotion actually offers a lot of leg room. It’s a coupe, and for drivers the cabin space is roomy enough. The space at the back isn’t too cramped at all either.

In addition, you also get a slew of infotainment screens to while away the time and banish boredom for the passengers. In fact, each seat will have its own infotainment screen.

What’s more, it may also lead to self-propulsion as well. According to Fisker, the car will come with hardware that will enable fully autonomous driving in the future. Fisker just needs a partner that will supply this hardware.

The Latest of Fisker Cars

Henrik Fisker made a name for himself as a car designer for other brands, but now he’s busy trying to build noteworthy cars with his name on it. He is justly famed for designing the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8. He launched the Fisker Karma in 2011 as a hybrid vehicle, and after it was bought out by the Wanxiang Group in China it’s now available under the Karma badge.

Fisker has also been working with Bob Lutz on more cars. The projects he is working on include the VLF Force 1, which is a Viper with a new body. He’s also busy on the VLF Destino, which is basically a Karma except it’s powered by a Corvette engine.

Fisker isn’t done making waves in the car industry and in the EV industry in particular. After the Fisker EMotion, Henrik Fisker vowed that he will come up with a finished car by the end of 2017 that will even be more amazing. The Fisker EMotion already is great with its 400-mile range, as that beats the 315-mile range found in the Tesla Model S. This time, it will also have full autonomous capabilities as well.

Final Word

Lots of EV cars can be goofy-looking, and that’s especially true with the urban shuttles. But the Fisker EMotion looks and drives fast, and it can go for a very long way. That’s a trend in the EV industry that people will greatly appreciate.

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