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Smart 0-60 Times

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Smart Fortwo 0-60 Times and 1/4 Mile Times

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2017 Smart Fortwo

Electric Drive Passion CoupeElec 60-kW 17.6-kWhRWD1A9.0 sec17.0 sec @ 77.9 mph124/94/---- MPGeMotor Trend
Electric Drive Prime CoupeElec 60-kW 17.6-kWhRWD1A10.3 sec17.8 sec @ 74.8 mph124/94/---- MPGeMotor Trend
Passion Cabriolet0.9L Turbo I-3RWD6A10.2 sec17.7 sec @ 78 mph33/38/27 mpgCar and Driver

2016 Smart Fortwo

Proxy Coupe0.9L Turbo I-3RWD6A9.9 sec17.5 sec @ 79 mph34/39/30 mpgCar and Driver

2013 Smart Fortwo

Electric Drive CabrioletElec 17.6-kWhRWD1A9.8 sec17.5 sec @ 76 mph122/93/106 MPGeCar and Driver

2011 Smart Fortwo

Electric Drive CoupeElec 16.5-kWhRWD1A23.4 sec22.2 sec @ 59 mph94/79/66 MPGeCar and Driver

2008 Smart Fortwo

Passion Cabriolet1.0L I-3RWD5A13.6 sec19.4 sec @ 70 mph33/41/---- mpgCar and Driver
Passion Cabriolet1.0L I-3RWD5A12.2 sec18.5 sec @ 76 mph33/41/34 mpgMotor Week
Passion Coupe1.0L I-3RWD5A14.4 sec19.9 sec @ 68 mph33/41/32 mpgCar and Driver

About Smart

Smart Automobile produces city cars that you won’t have troubles parking anywhere. Smart Automobile is part of Daimler AG and has headquarters in Boblingen, Germany. Its cars are marketed around the globe, particularly in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Its cars are available in electric and sport models. Smart means Swatch Mercedes Art, which came from the names of the two companies that founded the brand.


Smart Automobile was conceived by Swatch chief executive Nicolas Hayek, who wanted a car that not only carried his company’s name but also its personalization features. The Swiss company contacted German automobile maker Volkswagen for the project.

In 1994, a plant was built in Hambach, France for the new car production. But before the new car model was rolled out, Swatch and Mercedes disagreed on matters like design and performance of the car. So Swatch pulled out of the partnership and Mercedes went on to complete the project.

In 1998, the first Smart car called City Coupe was launched in nine European countries. It was well-received at first. Mercedes then launched two more models five years later, the Roadster and Roadster Coupe. Then it came out with a bigger version of the City Coupe the next year.


There are currently five Smart models out on the market.

The Smart fortwo is what remains of the original City Coupe. The latest reincarnation features a front and back that looks more like a Mercedes-designed with its bulky shape and rhombic lamps. It has a 0.9 liter, three-cylinder engine.

The Smart forfour is a small car with a three cylinder, .9 turbocharged engine. It measures just 137.4 inches long, 65.4 inches wide, and 61 inches tall.

The Smart fortwo Brabus is a much smaller vehicle with a length of 106.1 inches, width of 61.4 inches, and height of 61.2 inches. It can accelerate up to 154 kilometers per hour.

The Smart fortwo Cambrio is powered by a three cylinder engine with 999 cm3 displacement. Lastly, the Smart electric drive is the battery electric vehicle version of the fortwo micro car.


Smart cars are not only known for being fuel efficient but also for being fully customizable. In 2013, it allowed fashion designer Jeremy Scott to put a red fiberglass wing on the back side panels. This was not only to make the car look more unique, but also to serve as brake lights.

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