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Scion 0-60 Times

Scion was a division of Toyota Motor Corporation that produced affordable, sporty vehicles. The brand was introduced in the United States in 2003 and aimed to appeal to younger drivers who wanted something different from the traditional Toyota lineup. In 2016, Toyota announced that it was discontinuing the Scion brand and merging its products into the Toyota lineup.

Scion was founded in California, USA and had its headquarters in Torrance. The brand’s focus was on affordable, stylish cars that were popular with younger drivers. The company also marketed itself as a lifestyle brand and sponsored numerous music festivals and other events to promote its image.

Some of Scion’s popular models included the tC, a sporty coupe with a sleek design and good handling, the xB, a boxy wagon with a unique look and plenty of cargo space, and the FR-S, a rear-wheel-drive sports car developed in collaboration with Subaru. The brand also offered a number of smaller models, such as the iA sedan and iM hatchback, which were known for their fuel efficiency and affordability.

In 2016, Toyota announced that it was discontinuing the Scion brand and would be integrating its products into the Toyota lineup. Many of the brand’s most popular models, such as the tC, were discontinued, while others, such as the FR-S, were rebranded as Toyota vehicles. The decision to end the Scion brand was made in part due to declining sales, as well as a desire to streamline Toyota’s product lineup.

Looking to the future, Toyota is focused on continuing to produce affordable, high-quality vehicles that appeal to a broad range of customers. While the Scion brand may be gone, many of its most popular models are still available under the Toyota banner, and the company remains committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of automotive design and technology.

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