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Morgan 0-60 Times

Morgan Motor Company is a British car maker established in 1909 in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England. The company specializes in manufacturing high-performance sports cars and has become well-known for its handcrafted cars that combine traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

The founder of Morgan Motor Company, H.F.S. Morgan, started the business as a hobby, building motorized tricycles in his spare time. His first model, the three-wheeled Runabout, was introduced in 1910 and was soon followed by the popular Aero and Plus 4 models. Over the years, Morgan has developed a reputation for producing lightweight, agile sports cars that are a joy to drive.

Today, the company continues to manufacture its vehicles in Malvern Link, using traditional techniques such as hand-formed aluminum bodywork and hand-stitched leather interiors. Morgan’s current lineup includes the 3 Wheeler, Plus 4, and Plus Six models. The 3 Wheeler is a modern version of Morgan’s original design, featuring a V-twin engine and an open cockpit. The Plus 4 is a classic sports car, while the Plus Six is a more modern interpretation of the traditional Morgan design, featuring a turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

Morgan Motor Company has remained a family-owned business throughout its history, with three generations of the Morgan family involved in the company’s operations. The company has a loyal following of enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of classic styling, handcrafted quality, and modern technology.

In terms of the company’s future, Morgan is committed to continuing to build on its heritage while also embracing new technology and innovation. The company has announced plans to introduce electric versions of its vehicles in the near future, and has also announced a joint venture with Italian design firm, Italdesign, to develop a new range of vehicles. Morgan’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is expected to remain a core part of its identity moving forward.