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Lexus GS F 0-60 Times

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2016 Lexus GS F

Sedan5.0L V8RWD8A4.4 sec12.9 sec @ 113 mph16/24/19 mpgCar and Driver
Sedan5.0L V8RWD8A4.4 sec12.8 sec @ 112.2 mph16/24/23 mpgMotor Trend
Sedan5.0L V8RWD8A4.5 sec12.9 sec @ 110.9 mph16/24/23 mpgMotor Trend
Sedan5.0L V8RWD8A4.5 sec13.0 sec @ 111 mph16/24/---- mpgMotor Week

About Lexus GS F

Before, there were only 3 Lexus cars that carried the F badge which denotes an orientation towards performance: the IS F, the LFA, and the RCF. Now the latest to carry the prestigious F badge is the GS F.

The Lexus F cars are like the Audi RS cars, the Cadillac V series, the Mercedes Benz AMG, and the M division cars of BMW. And this particular GS F is designed to go toe to toe with the Audi RS6, BMW M5, and Mercedes E63 AMG.

Yes, it’s true that it doesn’t have the engine firepower to challenge the current gods of the arena in the super sporty sedan niche. But then again, its price is reasonably lower at an average of about $85,000.

If you want a relaxing sedan that can give you some excitement every now and then, the GS F is a great choice compared to the more expensive M5.


Lexus GS F 0-60The GS F comes with the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8 that originated from the smaller RC F coupe. That means you get 467 HP and 389 pound-feet of torque, with a 7300 rpm redline. It also drives the rear wheels and uses an 8-speed automatic transmission.

According to Lexus, it will zip through to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and you’ll need just 12.9 seconds to complete a quarter mile. That’s very fast but then we’re not talking about average cars here. The problem here is that compared to the completion, it’s somewhat lacking. With the Audi RS6, you get 552 HP. The E63 AMG S is even more impressive at 577 HP, while it can’t touch the 592 HP found on the M5 “30 Jahre”.

Perhaps what’s more important is that all those competitors are turbocharged to produce their maximum torque around 1,500 rpm. That’s not quite the same for the GS F. Its peak torque is produced at around 4,800 to 5,600 rpm. The maximum power is available at a high 7,100 rpm which is just 200 rpm short of the redline.

So what it means is that compared to its competitors, the GS F needs a lot of revving. And usually in a car like this you actually spend a lot of time at low rpm instead of approaching the redline. And at low rpm, the GS F seems sluggish and painfully slow, unlike with a turbo V8 which tends to be always ready to give you that acceleration you need at any time.


The F in GS F, as Lexus likes to point out, stands for Fuji Speedway where the car was developed. But it’s not really for a track, as there is no carbon ceramic brake option to get. Instead, you get steel brakes.

But this is a luxury car, so it should be on public roads. And there, it handles quite well. On smooth winding roads the electric steering system is great in Sport+ mode, and you only need to flick your wrist to take most corners.

The GS F is full of tech features, but you get fixed-rate dampers instead of the adaptive dampers you’d expect. But those allow for some roll and it props you back up so it really helps you with quick cornering.

It offers a 3-stage electronically control diff splits torque between the rear wheels, and that can be adjusted manually. The VDIM (ABS, stability and traction control) can be set to Normal, Sport, and Expert mode. With Expert mode, the electronic safety net is loosened enough so that some sideway drifting is permitted, but it takes over before you actually spin.

And of course, you can switch all these electronic assistance tools and go at it solo. You’ll need to be really dedicated, however. The power is located at the top end of the rev range, you’ll need a low gear, and your acceleration pedal pushing needs to be flexible.

Additional notes include:

  • The 19-inch forged BBS wheels with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires offer excellent grip.
  • The electronically assisted steering offers a quick response to get you to the apexes.
  • The dampers stop the body roll after only a few degrees heading into a bend.
  • The torque-vectoring differential can really save your bacon when you’ve used up all your available lateral traction, as the rear axle will miraculously shift a little sideways to get you the cornering line you want.
  • You also get massive fixed-caliper Brembo brakes, a transmission that smartly handles lateral g-loads, and bucket seats with lateral staying power.

So you at least have a sports sedan here, even if it does fall short of the champs in the category.

Interior Amenities

The interior is outfitted quite nicely, as befits any luxury Lexus. The instrument display can be configured, and the 12.3-inch center screen has buttons can be controlled by a mouse. The look can be customized as the trim and accent choices include matte-finish metal, car fiber, faux suede, or leather with colorful stitches. The sunroof and heads up display are standard.

As for the downsides, the steering wheel can be better. The rim section is somewhat too thick, and the cover is also a tad too slippery for your grip. And it may be a challenge to put 3 people in the rear.

To learn more about Lexus GS F, visit the official Lexus website.



  1. Anonymouse

    May 11, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    You should really drive these cars before trying to comment on them. If you think the GS F is “painfully slow” and it’s not designed for the track because there’s “no carbon ceramic brake option”, you seriously need to drive one. I’m not saying it’s better than the E63 or M5, but it’s much better than you accredit it to be. In fact, Clarkson thinks it’s better than the M5 and even the M3.

    I’m telling you from personal experience, don’t listen to the reviews you see/read on the internet. Go and test drive the cars. You’ll find that actually driving the cars tells a different story….(reviewers are paid off)…

  2. Sunil Semwal

    July 6, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    nice article, thanks for this information
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