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What to Expect from the 2019 Nissan Maxima



Thinking about getting the new 2019 Nissan Maxima? Here are the latest changes in the 2019 version, while some features have been retained.

If you check out the latest motor industry news, you’d think that there’s no longer a demand for large sedans. News reports have announced the impending end of the Cadillac XTS, Buick LaCrosse, and the Chevy Impala. Ford is also killing of the Ford Taurus after 32 years of availability. Even Fiat Chrysler seems not to know what to do about the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300. Yet Nissan still has the Maxima for 2019.

This large Maxima sedan with its somewhat luxurious amenities represents Nissan’s efforts in going against the grain. Here the new features and style changes for 2019, along with some rather subtle refinements:

The Changes for 2019

No one can rightly say that the Maxima is just as exhilarating to drive as a Subaru WRX STI or a BMW M3. Admittedly, it is not a sports sedan at all. But that doesn’t mean that it’s dead boring to drive. Sit inside and you’ll recognize an overall high-quality vibe. Look closer, and there are plenty of premium features that you’d enjoy.

The grill of the 2019 Maxima is much more pronounced. You’ve got new LED headlamps, while the LED lamps at the tail have been revised. The fog lamp surrounds are larger and the front bumper has new chrome detailing. The lower rear fascia is new, and so are the integrated quad exhaust finishers.

The new look on its own is great, but they make a lot more sense when you get the new Maxima to stand side by side with the Murano crossover, the Kicks subcompact crossover, and the midsize Altima sedan. There’s a nice cohesive look throughout the Nissan lineup.

The changes are even more subtle for the Maxima interior. The cockpit styling is still focused on the driver, and up front it remains roomy and comfortable. Unfortunately, the rear seat remains just as cramped compared to other crossovers.

From the upholstery to the instrument panel, materials used have all been upgraded. The SR now has a black headliner and orange detailing on its quilted leather and microsuede seats. Go with the top-of-the-line trim (the Platinum) and you may avail the option of getting the Platinum Reserve package. That gives you heated rear seats, leather seats with saddle colors, and faceted satin-bronze accents. The 19-inch wheels are also unique.

There’s a tech improvement too. The navigation has been upgraded on every trim except for the base S model. There are more USB-C ports, and the design allows for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration.

The upgrades also include numerous driver-assistance features which are standard for the Platinum and optional for the SR. these include automatic high-beam headlamps, lane-departure warnings, and rear cross-traffic alerts. There are also other nice features like blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and automated emergency braking for the front and rear.

The Goodyear Eagle Touring rubber on the 19-inch wheels also offer a slight improvement on braking performance, as it improves by 5 feet from 70 mph. that’s not surprising, since previously the Maxima sported only 18-inch wheels.

So What Stayed the Same?

If you are afraid that Nissan had changed features that made the Maxima so well-regard in the first place, you don’t have to worry. The dynamic traits that are part of the Maxima driving experience is still there. The handling is still reliable and you still have that robust V6. You still get 300 HP and 261 lb-ft of torque.

Though the Maxima acceleration weren’t enhanced, you can’t really complain about its performance. After all, this can go from standstill to 60 in just 5.8 seconds, while it completes the quarter mile in 14.3 seconds at 101 mph. As for overtaking acceleration, you can go from 50 to 70 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Of course, it would have been nice if the wheel now responds better to steering inputs. But no, it’s just as uncommunicative and numb like always. The brake pedal remains the same way—it’s still quite mushy despite the improved braking performance.

All in all, the 2019 Maxima is a testament to Nissan’s determination and commitment to offering a large sedan to its customers. It may be a vehicle category that’s not as popular as before, but Nissan knows that some people are still looking for a sedan in this size. If sedans do come back into fashion in 2019, then Maxima is nicely poised to hit it big this year.

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