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Why should Californian’s have all the fun? Volkswagen has finally unleashed an ultimate camper for the European market that promises to take your camping experience to a new height. This master-class not only lets you sleep under the stars but also boasts shower on-wheels, underfloor heating and a family dining; California XXL concept has already taken the auto-world by storm.

Despite the fact that it is as tiny as a house, it is as B-I-G as a giant vehicle, based on the Crafter line-up’s middle (143.3-inch) wheelbase. It is surprising to note that its pano-sunroofed ceiling works wonders to stand taller than the standard Crafter high-roof, at 114.2 inches. It also showcases an ever-lasting bump-out towards the rear, supporting the rear bed about 10 inches above the rear bumper.

The California derives its name from the VW-based Westfalia-facelifted camper vans that started back in 1988 and continues till date offering the VW-produced campers T5 Multi-van platform.

Come aboard via the sliding side door, and you’re handsomely welcomed within the dinette/kitchen area, which showcases a pop-up table that makes a perfect dining set when the front seats swivel around to face it. The two 1.8-cubic-foot fridges lend multi-utility to the kitchenette. Furthermore, it features couple of gas range burners that could be set aside when not in use, in order to increase the area for work surface.

The jars could rest comfortably on the spice rack that work wonders to reduce rattles. What divides the dinette from the bedroom is an intelligent bathroom loaded with the goodness of a fold-down sink over a toilet. The makers have ensured such smooth transition that you enter by pulling the inboard wall out—like a drawer—then sliding close a pocket-sized door closed behind you. Furthermore, the space could also work as shower if you desire, where you could use the using water heated by a boiler onboard. The enormous side windows at the back open and cater to you slide-down shades and slide-up screens.

What rests inside the dinette floor is a picnic table that pops up and stows in a slot within the dinette floor, moving out of the step as you enter. A couple of folding camp chairs rests behind the cargo-compartment at the rear hatch. One could also explore the space within the hatch from under the bed inside.

The camper offers a perfect bedtime convenience with a beautiful ambience. The missing part of mattress deploys from the back under the section behind the bathroom to pave way for a bed that measures barely 6.5 feet by 4 feet. The main bed here measures just over 5 feet by 4 feet. It could easily accommodate a couple of kids above the front seats and dinette area by sliding the back half of the mattress rearward and fixing a small extender to give more headroom or legroom.

What imparts it a modern touch is the ‘Master tablet app control’ that takes care of the interior ambient lighting that incorporates closing the skylight shades as well as the infotainment systems including a projector TV at the back of the bed-room.

The jam-packed camper comes loaded with almost everything you want your camping vehicle to be loaded with, including 220V sockets and AUX, USB ports. Infact, there is an in-built digital projector and not to forget the ambient lighting that creates a cosy atmosphere while you relax on the bed, sharing a pleasant conversation with your loved one or watching a movie. A large grille stowed can be used for barbecuing when not in use in the storage space beside the tailgate.

This motor-home is efficiently powered by the turbodiesel engine that produces 177 hp (130 kW) and 410 Nm (302 lb-ft) of torque that is delivered to a 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. A first of its kind Crafter-based vehicle, the California XXL is showered by the pneumatic suspension that enhances comfort no matter if you are going over the bumpy roads: all credits to the height-adjustable shock absorbers.

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