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The New Year 2019 would mark the official road run of the Volkswagen Arteon worldwide. The plan is to replace their trademark Passat with the “Beautiful Assassin- Arteon”. The car works wonders to look far more striking to the eyes and an undisputed performer on the road, and it assists the Giant automaker take an exclusively new path of safety mechanisms and technology.

Being already tagged as the “5 seater GT”, it is a dashing midsize hatchback which would be unleashed worldwide in three gas and three diesel engine variants each. And to be forthright, the America could only glimpse upon the Arteon operating upon a 2.0-liter turbo engine packed with 276 horsepower and 258 lb-ft torque.

Traditionally renowned for its benign and positive driving dynamics that gives Europen Market an upper hand, VWs is much hyped for its uniquely functional yet plain interiors. What sets the Arteon apart is this very interior front, which along with its much hyped exterior design, is vastly unaltered from its birth concept which came into being a couple of years ago. The luxury offered by the car tends to be such rich that a front seat passenger would have to lean quite forward in order to find a surface of hard plastic.

Scheduled to be launched in as many as three variants or models, the top end incorporates the Bold and beautiful: ‘The Elegance’ complimented by the sleeky “R-Line trims” followed by the base model in quick succession.  Loaded with the eye-catching aesthetic design, the car derives its elegance from: Lucrative LED taillights complimented by the sporty indicators that signal inside out, an all weather chrome strip enhancing the rich looking lower body, and not to forget the wiper nozzles incorporated in the heated windshields.  Exteriors are complimented excellently well by the rich interiors having pedal covers finished with a rich aluminium look, Alcantara and leather seat covers with flawless stitching on seats and mats.

With an aggressive front design in polished black intakes matching the whole different bumpers, The Arteon ‘R-Line’ is not just a car but it is luxury studded with elegance. Focusing our attention inside where the roof is shaded by an all black roof liner, the R-line logo which is visible running across the seats and the door plates.

The R-line sits upon 20-inch wheels with 20mm-lower ride height. Unfortunately, the US variant of the car would not be equipped with the 20s.

Whereas, The top end: Arteon ‘Elegance’ is a notch higher and a class apart than the others in the segment. The Elegance is power packed with the goodness of a Four-Motion all wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG. DSG is amazingly smooth and quick, doing an exceptional job on the busy city streets where it gets difficult to drive in traffic. But the bad news is that the models that ultimately make their way to the roads will have to manage with the eight-speed automatics.

Arteon is designed to offer its passengers the utmost comfort as it holds you the in charge of its handling and ride which is as adjustable as you want. The ride is adjustable to normal, comfort and sport modes, with evident differences in each mode. So, you could enjoy your ride the way you want. The experts preferred the normal mode for most of the time whereas the cosy comfort mode comes in handy to rescue you while you are driving at the rare bad roads. At last the sports mode assists in getting the grip stiffer while driving fast. Overall, the car is carefully designed to look after the long-trip comfort and ensure you a perfect ride.

Sitting at the driver’s seat is from where you could glimpse upon the technology studded feel exhibited by the car’s cockpit. The car’s brand new handsomely crafted cabin is richly complimented by the technology driven controls in front of the driver. The VW’s digital cockpit would not be anything alien to you if you are well acquainted with Audi’s virtual cockpit. The Arteon’s multi-functional and multi-configurable cabin works wonders to put abundant amount of information in front of the driver.

The makers have incorporated an accuracy specific speed-limit indicator that keeps your speed in check with an exceptional accuracy and precision. Similarly, the car is blessed with a virtual speedometer which employs a small arrow to display the location of the disengaged cruise control or the speed limit.

There’s nothing substantial disclosed by the officials about the U.S. version of the Arteon yet. The official representatives of VW were quoted “things might change in the year to come”. Until, then the Arteon’s market stands in an uncertainty in US and only time could tell us if it would be launched full throttle in America.

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