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Top things to know about Volvo V90 – Cross Country



Volvo made its comeback to the midsize wagon segment with the recently launched V90, so we spent some quality time with this beast in order to present to you some interesting facts. While the V90 offers a standard all-wheel drive, the makers have imparted a rugged look to the giant car by raising the wagon and adding up the body cladding to it. The car guarantees a great time to its occupants, compelling them to appreciate the car’s high-tech features and luxurious feel. As observed in the Volvo’s over the years, safety is the utmost priority, this time it takes the form of a useful driver assist and semi-autonomous features.

Read on to know more about the cross-country version of the car:

Packed with twin charged engine

The Cross Country rides on the smooth engine option which is highly potent turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter I-4 that works wonders to produce power equivalent to 316 horses at 5,700 rpm and an impressive torque of 295 ft-lb at 2,200 rpm. The twin-charged system works in a sequential manner, making thorough use of the strengths of each compressor. The car’s Initial punch comes from the supercharger which paves way for the low-end power; as a result there is an instant throttle response with no noticeable lag.

Couple of large display screens:

V90 Cross Country greets its commuters with a couple of large display screens that work wonders to enhance the impressive interiors of the car. Blessed with larger than the standard 12.3-inch driver display screen, the cross-country offers a sharp display, broadcasting the general information and regular instrument panel gauges followed by GPS controlled navigation directions and warnings. The screen also displays telephone calls and road signs ahead. Matching the beautiful standards set upon by the driver display is the 9.0-inch portrait-style touchscreen display positioned right at the centre. It amazingly offers the occupants the ability to control and adjust climate, audio, phone, lighting, door mirrors, central locking, some safety features, navigation and much more.

Premium sound system from Bowers and Wilkins:

There are no second thoughts that opting for the available Bowers and Wilkins premium sound system will loosen your pocket by $3,200, but we bet it is worth it for a $60,000+ premium wagon, particularly if you are passionate for music. The 19 high-end speakers are powered by a 12 channel amplifier which work wonders to put forward an impressive 1,400-watt output. Endowed with as many as 7 midrange speakers, the car utilizes the company’s Kevlar speaker cone technology that helps get rid of distortion and extra noise.

Parking Assistant and Pilot self-parking:

Volvo’s system is enriched with the ability to automatically reverse the car into a parking space, in addition to assist the car to enter and exit the parking space, no matter how tight the parking space is. You could easily activate the system while making use of the centre touchscreen. Once activated, all the driver needs to do is follow the simple directions being displayed. After following the initial directions and putting the car in reverse the Cross Country resumes parking itself. The steering wheel intelligently rotates on its own as the car applied the throttle automatically. The central touchscreen exhibits great responsibility by continuing to display directions until the car is fully parked.

City Safe: The wagon’s driver assist system

No doubts the Volvo’s come loaded with high safety standards, therefore the ‘City Safe’ is a driver assist system especially brought to life in order to assist the driver prevent a low-speed collision between the speeds of 2 mph and 30 mph. This safety feature works wonders to apply the brakes automatically if the sensors detect a collision, to avid or reduce the impact of collision. However, the system is smart enough to not intervene if the driver applies the break before. The system works wonders to sense other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and large animals.

Appealing LED headlights complimented by Thor’s hammer:

There are no second thoughts that the T-shaped Thor’s Hammer daytime running lights not only look alluring but also have a cool name as well. The LED headlights continue to look appealing as the darkness sets in. The sharp-looking LED headlights comes loaded with the goodness of automatic high beams that operate exceptionally well. Furthermore, these headlights are richly complimented by the active bending feature, which enlightens the curves ahead as you run past into it—a feature that is worth a million dollar when navigating dark narrow roads. The good news is that all these features come standard on the V90 Cross Country.

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