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Top 12 Reasons Why the 2019 BMW M2 Competition Is Better than the 2018 M2



It’s well known among auto enthusiasts that BMW offers fantastic cars. But in the entire BMW lineup, the tiny M2 coupe is acknowledged to provide perhaps the most exciting ride to the driver. Of course, BMW isn’t resting on its laurels, so it went ahead and made a version that’s even more exciting to drive. So now we have a 2019 BMW M2 Competition.

The price for this 2019 BMW M2 Competition starts at $59,895 and that means it is $4,400 more expensive than the 2018 M2. But at least BMW is giving you your money’s worth, as it offers new upgrades to go along with the retention of several superb features found in the 2018 M2.

Here are some changes and differences that you should take note of:

1.       BMW replaced the turbocharged N55 inline-6 with an engine that’s found in the M4. This is the more powerful S55 twin-turbo inline-6. In the M2 Competition it gives you 405 horses and 406 lb-ft of torque. That’s a significant upgrade from the previous model’s output of 365 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque. You may notice that the horsepower output has been dialed down from the 425 HP in the M4, out of respect for the BMW M-family hierarchy.

2.      To help you make full use of all that power, you have the Active M rear differential. This controls the locking effect so that the torque is evenly distributed across the rear axle in all 4 corners no matter what.

3.      It’s also been tuned so that it works smoothly with the new M Dynamic mode. This new mode holds back the stability control intervention so that it’s not as intrusive, but it will still be there if things get hairy. What this means is that you’re able to apply more throttle when you’re exiting corners, while enabling elegant slides.

4.      Many traditionalists will appreciate that the standard transmission is still a 6-speed manual. This transmission lets you shift gears with comfy precision. The clutch take-up seems perfect, while the transmission also matches revs for you automatically when you downshift.

5.      If you wish to disable the rev-matching system, you will need to fully commit by also completely deactivating the stability control. BMW anticipated this, which is why they’ve spaced the pedals as if they had your heel-and-toe downshifts in mind.

6.      If manual isn’t for you, you can go for the $2,900 7-speed dual clutch automatic option. Aside from not bothering with the clutch, you also get to enjoy the “launch control” feature which you can’t with the manual. This transmission also has the BMW 3-mode Drivelogic. This lets you push a single button to adjust the shift programming of the automatic transmission.

7.      Here you have new 19-inch wheels, and these also come with huge iron rotors for brakes. It measures 15 inches in the rear (clamped by 4-piston fixed calipers) and 15.7 inches in front (clamped by 6-piston fixed calipers). The brake pedal is designed for all-day hard driving, as it stays firm and the modulation remains linear even after spending an entire day at the track.

8.     You still get that firm ride you enjoyed in the previous M2, as the suspension calibration remains the same for this Competition M2. The tires remain the same as well, with staggered 245/35ZR-19 front and 265/35ZR-19 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. But you can replace these with the M2-spec Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 from the accessories catalog, if you’re planning to spend most of your driving time on the track.

9.      This new M2 gets its carbon-fiber front strut-tower brace from the M4, and so the chassis seems like it turns in more enthusiastically than its previous model. The electrically-assisted power steering has been recalibrated so that it matches the fortified front structure better.

10.  On the outside, the M2 Competition looks different from the older M2 as its fascias have been redesigned, and you get new side mirrors, new black kidney grilles and new badges.

11.   On the inside, you get changes as well. The steering wheel design has 2 programmable buttons so you can toggle between driving modes quickly. You have a red engine-start button. The seatbelts come decorated with tricolor M stripes. The M Sport buckets are more supportive. You also get lots more M2 logos,

12.  There aren’t all that many available options for the M2 Competition, because this is supposed to be a car for purists. So you can the M Driver’s package for an extra $2,500 so your top speed increases to 174 mph (and you get a free course at the BMW’s performance driving school. Put in the $1,200 Executive package, and you get wireless device charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot, full LED headlights with automatic high-beams, and even a heated steering wheel.

The upgrades seem worth the increase in price, don’t they? It’s true—the M2 was already the most exciting driver’s car in the BMW lineup, and this Competition version is somehow even more exciting.

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