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Things to know about the refreshed Audi A3: The new entry level Sedan



If you happen to be a practical buyer, then 2017 refreshed Audi A3 might sound cramped and overpriced to you at the first glance, but someone who’s blessed with an exclusively luxury-studded mindset, the refreshed Audi A-3 paints a completely different picture in the mind. To the typical motor heads, the A3 seems no less than a handsome hunk which is a step ahead and a notch higher than the most popular and mainstream sedans. What adds weight and strength to their mindset regarding the A3 is its standard HID headlights, an elegantly extended sunroof, a commanding badge that symbolizes status and a rich attention to small detail that gives it a more upscale feel than the much hyped Volkswagen Jetta.

To unveil the power-packed features of the Audi’s entry level sedan, we spent quality time with the A3 2.0T, what we have to share with you is something exceptional and out of the box.

A Tyre Spinning Power-house:

Audi A-3 is enriched with the goodness of a typical 2.0 litre Turbo 4 which is eminently being used by major car makers such as the VW Jignon to Audi A4 ultra. The A3’s engine produces the power equivalent to 186 horses and an impressive torque of 236 lb-ft, which coupled together with the seven speed twin clutch transmission, which is fully automatic in nature. What sets the Audi A3 apart from its competitors is the car’s effortless and easy to spin all season tyres which give it a rogue and sturdy feel.

A car with a definite Character:

It is exceptional to note that the way the power is delivered to the car which adds a solid character to the A3. The car feels much more relaxed and comfortable as compared to the considerably reflexive and sensitive brakes, and not to forget the throttle of the front drive. The car comes loaded with the goodness of a virtual cockpit which is integrated with the digital cluster of information to provide live earth satellite imagery to assist the driver with the road directions in different regions.

Classy styling and finishing:

The A3 is styled elegantly by the engineers at Audi who have worked well to induce an aggressive yet stylish look to the car which is guaranteed not to lose its appeal in the upcoming 10 years atleast.  The side window arch is still broadly retained to induce a sporty look to the car. The car comes loaded with the luxury of sports updated headlights and taillights and not to forget the re-styled grille which fuses exceptionally well with the car’s exteriors and edges to impart a great look to it. The 18-inch wide wheels work wonders to compliment the car’s overall exterior appeal as it aims to impress its potential buyers across the globe.

Next gen tricks and expertise:

Audi A3 is flooded with the qualities, next gen tricks and expertise that won’t probably feature on the next generation models coming up in the near future. The car is enriched with the goodness of a center stack screen which is intelligently disappearing in nature when not required or not in use. The screen could disappear without turning off its functionality. All you need to do is: Push the button and the screen fades away in the vicinity towards the top of the center stack. A wonderful touch which could miraculously facilitate concentration while driving on the busy road or high way, this cool and advanced trick aims at minimizing the distraction to the driver. Besides, it works wonders to enhance the overall look of the car’s interiors.

Advanced safety features:

The car pays special attention to safety and precautions to ensure a sound drive for the occupants. The Audi A3 comes equipped with the Audi’s collision mitigation braking system which enables the car to apply the brakes automatically as soon as it detects a collision threat ahead. Been set as a standard yardstick on each and every A3, the car’s advanced safety mechanism earned it a 5 star overall rating from the National Highway Safety Administration in all wheel drive forms, making it one of the safest cars to drive.

Yes! It is for you:

If you are planning to buy the front drive model of the A-3 which is backed up by the all new 186 hp engine, there is no second thought that the Audi A3 2.0 T is sure to be the next sweet spot in the motor market. The upcoming 2018 Audi A3 introduces a blind spot monitoring system, which could be coupled with the USB outlets and ventilated front seats. The car is worth the purchase- till then watch out for the amount of throttle that could give it from a stop.

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