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THICC or TRICKS: 2021 Ram 1500 TRX



It’s going to be easy to tell if someone is driving a RAM 1500 TRX. Just look at the down-the-road graphics. Impressive hood bulge, wide shoulders, it’s eerily masculine. Everything is just screaming muscle.

Awarded MotorTrend Truck of the Year 2021, you can just agree that it is the rightful winner.

Under the hood bulge is an engine with an output of 702 horsepower with 650 lb-ft of torque. For a hefty truck, this is impressive as the 0-60 acceleration is met in 3.7 seconds. It’s so fast it will dust you off so make sure you’re in the truck, or at least not behind it. The 18-inch wheels grip powerfully, be it mud or sand or your regular concrete. The treads for the tires are specifically made only for the TRX. 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory All Terrain tires can handle extreme off-road conditions. They’re going to leave an impression, off-road, on the road, or on people.

There’s no need to boost the revving sound because the Supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8 is going to make sure it’s heard. It’s a satisfying vroom. It’s music to the ears for engine enthusiasts. It’s also mated to an automatic 8-speed transmission.

The torque generated is near-instant. It can handle internal pressure, allowing for faster combustion and fuel efficiency. The TRX has a curb weight around 6886 and the fuel economy isn’t the best. 10 mpg for city and 14 mpg for highway is just saddening. To make sure contamination is at a minimum, there are high-performance air induction system filters which deliver 32.9 liters of air every minute. Speaking about air and speed, seven strategically placed air flow features provide cooling and aerodynamics with the use of scoops, heat extractors, air curtains and vents. Dual exhausts use resonance-pipes to improve that revving sound and deliver it at the 5-inch matte black exhaust tips.

The engine is further enforced with cast-iron to endure pressures generated by the powerful combustion. It can withstand 1595 pounds per square inch. And those aren’t the only pounds.

To see the action real time, the dashboard provides horsepower readings, steering angles and other necessary information.

The Ram 1500 TRX has 11.8 ground clearances. Enough height to avoid sharp rocks, dirt, mud, snow – basically anything you can step on. Due to the extra weight of the engine, there is a 1 inch difference in the suspension at the front and rear. What makes them extra special is the Bilstein Shocks which is a complex system on its own but delivers the needed suspension for a production truck and is the first on the TRX.

Another way to avoid damage to the already high Ram 1500 TRX is to steer your way around the obstacles. Suede accents and the Ram logo is placed beautifully on the steering wheel. It’s a flat bottom shape and it’s supposed to help with improving driving better but we don’t really see the difference. It’s a nice design nonetheless.

The device cluster on the TRX feels right. Useful measurements are shown behind the wheel and the center console is wide, providing arm rest for both the driver and front passenger. The knob shift, well, it’s a knob shift. (Actually, with the exterior of the TRX making a statement, at least something in the interior should feel remarkable.) Nevertheless, there are six aux buttons and a dedicated Trailer Reverse Steering Control system.

The HUD is projected onto the windshield, providing customizable information.

There are several driving modes on the RAM truck that helps maximize the powertrain and maximize fuel efficiency. Sport mode will enable quicker shift times and a tighter suspension for paved surfaces although it’s going to be a stiffer ride. Snow mode will give a 45/55 torque split to the front and rear wheels so it can plow through ice with ease. With the custom mode, you can dial in a preferred steering feel, torque split and the tightness of the suspension. The mud/sand mode is almost the same with the snow mode but balances out the torque distribution to lessen wheel slip and improve traction. Rock mode will give an even 50/50 torque spit to let it climb over rocks and steps. The Baja mode will basically soften and dampen everything so it can easily go over sand without sinking.

Safety features are available for both the driver and passengers. The LED headlamps provide powerful lights so nobody can “miss” the already massive TRX.

The TRX is priced at a base price of $71,790 which is almost 10 grand lower than the Hellcat. It’s a heavy-duty performer but if you want more distance to cover, we’d recommend the Hellcat instead. There is a Launch Edition for the TRX that comes with a special badge for those who’d like to stand out and additional flair such as stickers and carbon fiber augments.

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