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The New Scion iA: A Car That Is Made To Impress



Finally the ever first sedan of Scion is here – the all new Scion iA. One of the first things you can observe in this car is its style. It is a sedan with gorgeous corners and curve.

This car has a Mazda engine, a statement of its reliability. Although this car is fairly an entry-level vehicle, the punch it carries relative to its MSRP is more than what you will actually pay for to the delight of car buyers. Perhaps the challenge of Scion to all car buyers is to just test-drive the vehicle. They know many will be in for a pleasant surprise.

The Style of the Scion iA

The profile of the car is all about sophisticated touches here and there like its hexagon-shaped lower grill and the black bumper that highlights the face of the car including the chrome grill surround that wraps its front end. Then of course there’s the thin-profile head lamps that seamlessly compliments the form and design feel of the car.

Scion iA comes with 16-inch aluminum wheels completing its well designed exterior. There is little to complain about how the car looks but will its impressive design be enough to make this car a hit? Fortunately the look of the car is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Killer Specifications

The Scion iA has a Mazda engine, a low 12.0:1 compression, fast revving 1.5 L powerhouse that can generate 106 horsepower at 6000 rpm and can pull off 103 ib-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. The car might have meager power but it makes up for it with good suspension making it a great car to drive.

It has a McPherson strut front suspension and a torsion beam suspension in the rear that guarantees a comfortable and smooth ride. The sporty handling of the car is because of its low curb weight making it very nimble to maneuver. This low weight also makes the seemingly small engine enough to get the car up to speed on the road.

Perhaps the highlight feature of this car is its fuel efficiency. It can push for 42 mpg on the highway and 33 mpg in city driving for the automatic transmission variant and 41 mpg on the highway and 31 mpg on the city for the manual transmission.

The steering of the car is also noteworthy thanks to its rigid steering mount, again an unusual addition for an entry level car. The impressive steering is complimented by a well tuned braking system making it feel like you are driving a high-end sports sedan.

Note-Worthy Features

The Scion iA is a sedan that would really make you feel you bought a worthy car. Scion’s mono spec strategy is giving the iA an edge over other cars in its class. The features that it considers standard are keyless entry with push button start. This is coupled with a rear view backup camera that should make parking a breeze even for new drivers. It also has a multimedia system that has voice recognition with a 7” touch screen.

It also has power exterior mirrors and a 60/40 split rear seat back. To add on to the driver’s comfort, it has a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. All of these plus the impressive engine, suspension, and overall handling is just for $16,495. That is one serious bang for your bucks.

Scion iA’s Safety Features

The first ever sedan of Scion is packed with safety features that would make it very attractive for many car buyers, especially those who are looking for cars with an entry-level price tag.

The car has a pre-collision system that employs forward laser sensors to warn the driver of a possible collision. In the event that the driver is unresponsive to the warnings, the car can even activate the brakes to reduce damage if an accident does happen. But the safety feature does not end there. The Scion iA also has a secondary collision reduction system that will address safety issues when the car is rear ended. The system works by automatically applying the brakes and also activating the hazards so that the car will not be pushed forward to the car ahead. This dramatically reduces the risks of damage to the car and other vehicles on the road.

The New Scion iA is quite an impressive car is so many levels. Scion made all the right choices for its breakthrough in the sedan market. At its price tag it is set to battle it out with Nissan’s Versa, Ford’s Fiesta, and Hyundai’s Accent. But with the features of the car and its good looks there is a very fat chance that this car will wow car buyers in so many ways, perhaps even improve the basic offering of cars in its class.

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