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Subaru Legacy 0-60 Times

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Legend (for electric, hybrid, and hydrogen vehicles)

kW Motor power
kWh Battery capacity
TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2018 Subaru Legacy

2.5i Sport2.5L F-4AWDCVT8.6 sec16.7 sec @ 85 mph25/34/25 mpgCar and Driver

2017 Subaru Legacy

2.5i Sport PZEV2.5L F-4AWDCVT9.1 sec17.0 sec @ 84.7 mph25/34/26.3 mpgMotor Trend

2015 Subaru Legacy

2.5i Limited PZEV2.5L F-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.7 sec @ 84.9 mph26/36/---- mpgMotor Trend
2.5i Premium PZEV2.5L F-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.9 sec @ 85 mph26/36/28 mpgCar and Driver
2.5i Premium PZEV2.5L F-4AWDCVT9.2 sec17.0 sec @ 84.9 mph26/36/---- mpgMotor Trend
3.6R Limited3.6L F-6AWDCVT7.1 sec15.5 sec @ 94 mph20/29/22 mpgCar and Driver
3.6R Limited3.6L F-6AWDCVT7.0 sec15.3 sec @ 96.5 mph20/29/---- mpgMotor Trend
3.6R Limited3.6L F-6AWDCVT7.3 sec15.7 sec @ 92 mph20/29/25.5 mpgMotor Week

2014 Subaru Legacy

2.5i Sport PZEV2.5L F-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.8 sec @ 83.6 mph24/32/29.5 mpgMotor Trend

2011 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD6M5.4 sec14.1 sec @ 100 mph18/25/21 mpgCar and Driver

2010 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD6M5.3 sec13.9 sec @ 99.5 mph18/25/22.7 mpgMotor Trend
2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD6M5.6 sec14.1 sec @ 98.8 mph18/25/21.9 mpgMotor Trend
2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD6M5.9 sec14.2 sec @ 104 mph18/25/24.3 mpgMotor Week
2.5i Limited2.5L F-4AWDCVT9.3 sec17.1 sec @ 83.2 mph23/31/23.2 mpgMotor Trend
2.5i Premium2.5L F-4AWDCVT8.8 sec16.9 sec @ 83 mph23/31/25 mpgCar and Driver
2.5i Premium2.5L F-4AWDCVT9.1 sec16.9 sec @ 82.9 mph23/31/25.8 mpgMotor Trend
3.6R Limited3.6L F-6AWD5A6.4 sec15.0 sec @ 94 mph18/25/22 mpgCar and Driver
3.6R Limited3.6L F-6AWD5A6.99 sec15.3 sec @ 93.1 mpg18/25/---- mpgMotor Trend

2007 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT spec.B2.5L Turbo F-4AWD6M6.2 sec14.5 sec @ 96 mph17/24/19 mpgMotor Week

2006 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT spec.B2.5L Turbo F-4AWD5M5.3 sec14.0 sec @ 98 mph17/24/20 mpgCar and Driver
2.5GT spec.B2.5L Turbo F-4AWD5M5.4 sec14.0 sec @ 96.5 mph17/24/20.8 mpgMotor Trend

2005 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD5M5.3 sec14.1 sec @ 97 mph17/23/21 mpgCar and Driver
2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD5M5.7 sec14.2 sec @ 96 mph17/23/22 mpgCar and Driver
2.5GT Limited2.5L Turbo F-4AWD5A6.4 sec14.9 sec @ 93.8 mph17/23/18.7 mpgMotor Trend

2003 Subaru Legacy

L2.5L F-4AWD5M8.8 sec16.8 sec @ 82 mph18/25/21 mpgCar and Driver

2000 Subaru Legacy

2.5GT Limited2.5L F-4AWD5M9.1 sec16.6 sec @ 82 mph19/25/---- mpgMotor Trend

1996 Subaru Legacy

Outback Wagon2.5L F-4AWD4A9.8 sec17.4 sec @ 77.3 mph18/24/---- mpgMotor Trend

About Subaru Legacy

You will be impressed with a car that is celebrating its 25th anniversary. That means it has captured the hearts of car lovers that it was able to stay alive for more than two decades.

That is the legacy that the Subaru Legacy is really proud to proclaim. For two decades and a half, it was able to provide excellent and reliable service to its loyal customers. That is why Subaru has endeavored to make the new Subaru Legacy even better than its predecessors.

You are in the right path if you are considering this car for your next motor vehicle investment.

A Brief Look at Subaru Legacy’s History

Subaru Legacy 0-60Japanese car maker Subaru started producing the Subaru Legacy in 1989. It is a mid-size car which is designed to compete in the lucrative midsize car market in North America. Its nearest rivals are Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Subaru also made other higher performance versions of the Legacy to compete with compact executive cars like the Alfa Romeo 159, the BMW series and the Audi A4. The Legacy is designed to be Subaru’s flagship car.

A version of the Legacy was produced in 1996 and was called the Legacy Outback. This car was made to compete with the sport-utility vehicles of other car manufacturers. It proved to be a market success for Subaru.

The first generation to the fifth generation of the Subaru Legacy was produced from 1989 to 2014, with each succeeding generations incorporating several redesigns and upgrades.

What we have now is the sixth generation Subaru Legacy which debuted at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. Aside from many upgrades and redesigns, the current variants have dropped the manual transmission in favor of the Lineartronic CVT system.


The most important specifications that you need to know in case you are considering this car are as follows:

  • Engine: 2.5-liter DOHC aluminum-alloy 16-valve horizontally opposed 4-cylinder SUBARU BOXER engine with Active Valve Control System (AVCS); 175 hp. @ 5,800 rpm; 174 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,000 rpm
  • Transmission: Lineartronic CVT with 6-speed manual mode and paddle shifters
  • Steering: Quick ratio engine-speed-sensing variable power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering
  • Drive Train: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
  • Suspension: 4-wheel independent suspension; Front MacPherson strut type, Rear double-wishbone, Front and rear stabilizer bars
  • Brakes: 4-wheel disc ventilated front brakes; 4-channel, 4-sensor ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), brake discs: 11.6 inches/11.3 inches (front/rear); Brake Assist; Brake Override System


The Subary Legacy is not after a very fast acceleration but a well-balanced and capable handling. You will find that it carefully signals its responses, with a very smooth steering feel.

Thus, you will experience an effortless gear changes that mutes acceleration effectively, and a suspension that ignores the rough spots of the road.

However, the Subaru Legacy’s muted responses have a drawback: it is difficult to get it excited when needed. But this is to be expected since the four-cylinder’s tame responses are the natural result of its more affordable price.

Nevertheless, this car can shift power front to back, and can use the brakes on an inside wheel so that it will be able to tighten a cornering line. This is the Legacy’s default mode which is calm, cool and controlled.

Fuel Economy

The Subaru Legacy is rated by the EPA with a combined 30 miles per gallon city/highway driving. This figure nearly brings it to the top of the scale in all the cars in its class.

New improvements in its aerodynamics helped this car to achieve this excellent rating. This new model has active grille shutters that close at higher speeds in order to have a smooth airflow. It is also equipped with a new weight-saving aluminum hood.

In actual tests, the new Legacy can get 26 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. These figures enable the new Subaru Legacy to compete effectively with its nearest rivals.


The safety test results of the 2015 Subary Legacy is enviable. It has earned the Top Safety Pick + of the NHTSA. The agency also gave this car its perfect five-star score.

On its part, the IIHS awarded the Subaru Legacy top ‘good’ results in all its test categories. It performed better than last year’s model which has an imperfect score card.

As if its standard active safety gears are not enough, the Subaru Legacy added a rear-view camera and the all-wheel drive configuration. The safety bundle is now even more effective in providing safety to you and your passengers.

Comfort and Quality

The high quality ambience and ample space for five passengers describe the kind of comfort and elegance the current Subaru Legacy offers its customers.

If you will consider its cabin space, this car is the biggest and roomiest sedan in the market today. And its cabin is quieter now than before. This is due to the new acoustic windshield, additional insulation throughout the cabin, liquid-filled engine mounts and thicker panels.

To learn more about Subaru Legacy, visit the official Subaru website.

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