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Fasten your seatbelts as we present to you the eighth generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom which paves its way to the market after 14 years to ascertain itself as the world’s best car once again. And since, Rolls-Royce’s flagship arrives after such a long time; it marks the beginning of a new era, like the crowning of the new king and with it, the continuity of the royal legacy.

Bearing the longest running name plate ever, the Phantom has been around since 1925. And with the latest upgrades, the world’s best car has got even better. Enriched with the goodness of an all-new aluminum spaceframe that makes its debut in the latest Rolls, this latest release will mark the future of the Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce engineers showered the luxurious car with stiffer aluminum chassis that not only makes the car lightweight but also refine the ride quality, which have the Rolls-Royce’s trademark since its inception. Nevertheless, to really flow on the roads and cater to its customers the famed Rolls-Royce ‘magic carpet’ ride, the engineers have casted their own magic on the suspension and tyres. The magnificent Phantom rides on air springs that come standard to it and can’t be manually adjusted. But, what makes the car’s ride quality stand a notch-higher than its competitors is the forward-facing cameras that carefully examine the road surface and indicates the suspension to adjust its stiffness accordingly. Quite techy for Rolls, isn’t it?

Classy interiors for the Comfy you:

Rolls-Royce’s marquee rear doors or the ‘coach doors’, now offer an easier access into a cabin by opening wide apart, which is truly fit for a king. Seated at the rear of the car, you have the luxury to shut the electrically operated doors just with the touch of a button and you are ready to take off to the world of extravagance in Rolls-style.

The car features richness in each and every detail. In fact you could spend the entire day inside a Phantom, breathing the pure luxury oozing out of every pore. The Phantom comes loaded with class and comfort right from the exquisitely stitched leather trim, deep-pile carpets, and finely-grain wood, to the comfy leather seats complimented by the feather-filled headrests.

Seat comfort takes your ride-experience to a different height and doesn’t give you a sole chance to complain about even in the standard-wheelbase Phantom, which showcases a plethora of legroom, whereas the extended version has such an ample amount of legroom that you could sit with your legs fully stretched-out. The sofa-like seats makes sure you sit nice and high in the sumptuous rear seats that could be completely reclined.

Ride quality YOU crave for:

The new Phantom devours the road so quietly and efficiently, that it leaves you leaving you amnesic of the surface you are travelling on. The ultra-low noise levels bring in a sense of peace and calmness and forces one to realize that Rolls-Royce wasn’t kidding when it asserted it making the world’s quietest car even quieter. The big V12 engine is not only difficult to hear but also makes you rigid of any road or wind noise either.

There’s no second opinion that the Phantom isn’t made to be rushed and offers the best-riding experience when driven in an unhurried way, even if the mighty V12 is capable of powering this 2,610kg car to 100kph in merely 5.1sec.

Is it for you?

A difficult question to answer, especially if the price of the standard wheel base phantom is expected to cost 420,325 (on road), and might rise more for a car with a decent amount of customization. So, if you are looking for a car that is both value for your money and bang for your buck, then Rolls-Royce Phantom is the ultimate luxury car that you could proudly flaunt. The new Phantom works wonders to take customization to a brand-new level, thanks to its concept of the bespoke Gallery. This state-of-the-art production from Rolls-Royce is not just an automobile but also a wonderful work of art which, with its ridiculously high price tag, might just make sense to you, only if you count yourself one among the luxury-studded billionaires.

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