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New Kitty on the Block: 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Review



The naming convention for most of the cars Dodge makes is based on their slogans. From 2016 until present, they have used “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” as their marketing identification. If Dodge’s slogans are indicative of a trend in the automobile industry, it’s no wonder SUV’s are becoming the most dominant in freeways, highways, and all other asphalt-laden pathways.

And one to dominate the catwalk, er, pathway for 2021 is Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. The Durango model has been around since 1998, and resumed production after a two-year hiatus in 2009 and made impressive innovations ever since.

Scheduled to release in early 2021, this offroad looks great at noon or night. The headlamps immediately give you cat-eyes vibes, as two triangular protrusions from the frame housing the lamps meet towards the center. The bumper mold has several cutouts to ease air resistance and the catwalk has a nice slant that gives the front profile a pyramidal shape. There’s an ongoing theme here and we think it’d be nice to give this a test drive in the sands of Gaza and you can thank the impressive suspension system.

The SRT performance hood delivers constant airflow to the engine to give a boost in performance while the grilles are formatted in a chin-split style, one in-line with the headlamps and one below. The Hellcat is wide – and a moniker “Tabby” would perfectly fit this SUV – to lower the center of gravity. The tail lights are joined together with a LED strip perpendicular to the signature two-streak stripes than run from front bumper to roof and down the rear. This SUV also sports dual exhausts. The trunk can be accessed opening the door hinged to the roof.

The wheels claw at your attention with the stylized spokes. The 20×10 inch is marketed with Lights Out and for good reason. The steel black finish matches the stylization and it looks even better with the red metal insert behind the spokes.

The branding is placed strategically across the vehicle. The red metal insert behind the spokes are actually Brembo Six-piston front brakes. The rear wheels also feature these powerful stoppers. To help handle the forward momentum and prevent this cat from going full cheetah, the tires installed were especially manufactured by Pirelli and is marketed under the name Scorpion Zero.

The insides are all the more impressive. Drivers are met with a cool-looking dashboard and the steering wheel can only be described as “very interactive.” Everything is almost a button or an indicator but this only adds to the functionality for the driver. The knob is a little meh, but we know the dashboard deserves all the attention.

We’re guessing the suspensions are a little stiff on the Hellcat and to hold the driver in place, the seats have larger bolsters on either side. There’s lot of legroom and headroom so if ever this SUV rights itself after a 180-flip, everything in the interior is right-side-up. The cargo space is about 17 cubic feet and should be enough to accommodate either passenger or half-meter diameter yarn balls. The third row does lack room but it should be enough to fit kids inside.

The dashboard also features a 10.1 inch touchscreen display for necessary driver warnings and information. It’s paired with impressive Harman Kardon speakers to deliver high-quality audio, complete with subwoofers and an 825-watt amplifier to boost the SUV’s infernal purr. It’s not enough cat jokes so we’re going to casually write about how the seats are embroidered. More yarn for the kitty.

The Hellcat leaves a trailblaze of infernal fire with its Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine. With an output of 710 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque, it can race from 0 to sixty in a mere 3.6 seconds. This is almost a 250 horsepower difference to that of Durango SRT 392 with 475horsepower. The 2.38L Supercharger with 11.6 PSI gives a maximum RPM of 14,600 for the wheels. The Hellcat has a quarter mile drag time of 12 seconds and this is testament to how powerful the engine really is. Imagine an engine pushing out a net weight of 5,700 pounds. The Hellcat has a death grip on the asphalt. It can tow an impressive 8,700 pounds. Talk about digging your claws deep.

Off-road, this SUV utilizes AWD in three different methods. Each configuration allows for better acceleration and handling in different terrains. The 8-speed transmission also helps in managing understeers (or oversteers). The Hellcat SRT can easily turn in sharp alleyways.

The specs are a bit overwhelming and the website provides as much information provided on this promotional material. The Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat starts at a price of $80,995. At this price range, it’s a good investment. This could probably be the best off-roader – it’s loaded with more-than-impressive specs that are sure to please any SUV enthusiast. It’s purrfect.

Oh, the cat puns don’t stop.

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