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More Secure Than Your Future: 2021 Chevrolet Suburban



The Chevrolet Suburban fits family really well. With a more airy cabin, a smoother riding experience, and responsive handling, it stood by tradition of giving the suburban life, in automobile terms.

Starting with the interior, the front head room provides about 42 inches, leg room of about 45 and a shoulder room of 66 inches.

The second row now provides more leg room, and an additional third row and increased cargo space makes sure the whole family gets in on the fun in driving. And if you’re not one to bring people, then your fur baby (or babies) can just sit comfortably while you look for a place to set down your picnic blanket.

The leg room for the third row is advertised as substantial but the only way to know this is to seat a basketball player inside.

The center console on the Suburban can slide to provide more space to store. It can also act as a mini-coffee table while acting as a secret compartment for valuables.

The cargo has a maximum volume of 144.7 cubic feet and is enough to put a second or third coffee table if you think the center console wasn’t enough.

Every driver has their own taste so there are six different trims for the Suburban, with the premium High Country providing all the comforts, while the RST addresses the urban lifestyle for city people and the Z71 for the truly adventurous.

For travels, you don’t want to miss the next highly recommended spots in your city then you’re going to need the 4G LTE WiFi. If the trip is going to be a while, then the backseat passengers can stay entertained with 10.2 inch diagonal infotainment systems while you keep them safe with all the relevant vehicle information on the 15-inch HUD. Alexa is also integrated into the vehicle so you can ask where your next stop for a panoramic cityscape photography session is.

The HUD has predictive capabilities, able to guide you regardless of whether the road has sharp turns or slow curves. It can also provide safety alerts and incoming calls, all projected onto the windshield.

Parking has never been easier and you don’t have to turn your head towards the rear window as you have a bird’s eye view and 8 other camera views to help you park easier. This acts as a secondary security feature as the car essentially becomes a 360-degree camera.

Trailering is an option on the suburban, and if you decide to spend your week by the coastline or in the woods, you have an in-vehicle app to customize trailer profiles, to tick off a to-do checklist, or to check the information on your tires so you’re prepared even before you get there.

The Chevy Suburban has improved thanks to independent rear suspensions, or a choice of Magnetic Ride Control. Whatever your needs are, there are various combinations to address your automobile needs. You can save tons of fuel with the Dynamic Fuel management technology.

The Air Ride Adaptive Suspension adjusts ride height for optimum driving conditions. It’s a neat little trick that can also work the other way around – by lowering the ride height, it can improve aerodynamics and improve efficiency. Also, it’s easier to get in the truck if the level is closer to the ground.

There are also several safety features on the Suburban. Combined with collision alerts, the automatic emergency braking provides front end collision, which is useful if you’re tailing your friend’s Suburban because you’re photoshoot buddies and are spending the day capturing cityscapes. Unfortunately this only works if you’re not speeding.

This doesn’t only apply to large objects. Even pedestrians can be spared the accident so you don’t have to worry about accidentally “bumping” into a person. But if it’s nighttime, it’s not going to perform at its best. Good thing the HUD also displays the gap via seconds so you can count and distance yourself from the next vehicle. And you’re going to need lights so there are intuitive headlamps that turn on or off depending on conditions.

In case you forget to step on the brake because everything’s just too damn comfortable, the adaptive cruise control analyses your driving behavior and implements strategies to make it look like you’re focused on driving, when you’re really not. And if you do find yourself dozing momentarily, your wheel starts to turn itself to keep you in the right lane. But really, get a nap before you hit the road if you’re feeling groggy. There’s no need for highway casualties. But before it gets to that, your car gets physical with you. There will be side seat vibrations to remind you what side potential crashes can occur so you can respond appropriately.

So the Suburban is definitely a good SUV for the family. It’s loaded with security features and that’s very important whether you’re in the rural or urban areas.

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