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Mercedes Benz X-Class unveiled: A Giant on Wheels



There are no second thoughts that the utility vehicles have always allured the car enthusiasts across the world. Pickup trucks to be specific, have taken the world by storm. Stepping into this trend by unveiling its first ever pickup truck- the X class, Mercedes-Benz has taken the competition a notch higher in this segment. The first ever luxury car makers in the recent times to debut in the pickup truck segment, Mercedes-Benz would be a sure shot brand to set upon your eyes in the upcoming times. (Yes! You read it correctly. The company’s X-Class is production ready and all set to deliver from November 2017). It is interesting to note down that the overall styling and design of the X-class has been kept as close to the concept car as possible. The front end is incorporated with a large twin-louver grille, the company’s star which is centrally positioned together with front bumper adorned with the chunky black cladding. The pickup truck works wonderfully well to utilize a twin cab design.

Even though the car giants Mercedes-Benz are yet to make a confirmation whether their all new X class truck will have a glimpse of the American market, but we could bet you that there will be a wagon load of requests flooding the company’s headquarters for the luxury studded truck to pave its way towards America.

Deriving its base from the Nissan’s Navara NP300 platform, the truck is elegance blended with power. Well potent of loading around 2,400 pounds of load and capable of towing more than 7000 pounds of weight, the truck is an absolute master class. More capable and tougher than the Ridgeline manufactured by Honda, the X class cleanly overpowers the Japanese car makers.

Backed up by the giant power horse engines, the truck incorporates a V-6 diesel developing engine which generates a horse power between 160 and 190 hp. Furthermore the truck comes loaded with the goodness of a gas powered version for selected markets. All the engines will showcase Mercedes-Benz’s exclusive 4MATIC drive system which is compatible with all the wheels. Enriched with the goodness of as many as three specific trim alternates, the truck is supposed to be launched in three variants, namely, pure, progressive and powerful.

The car giants have listed the whole of Europe, South Africa, Australia and South America for the sale of their X-class truck as it is most expected to hit the market next year. The truck’s arrival in US is still under suspicion as the company hasn’t released an official statement about its launch in U.S. While it is expected to go on sale in Europe next week, the customer’s will have to shed the mighty £37,294, which becomes $44,000 when converted to dollars.

Powerful, comfortable and safe

Mercedes offers their customers a plethora of different scopes in order to customise their exteriors and interiors. As a result, the car’s pickup will offer the warm feeling which resembles the “welcome home” and redefines an all new level of comfort in the mid size pickups segment.

What distinguishes the engine range is the wide range of variety. The top end model would be powered by a V6 diesel in integration with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive. This engine endowed with the qualities of the high-torque will provide rich driving dynamics on and off the road. Loaded with the goodness of the powerful drive system complimented by the tough ladder-type frame, the pickup truck will easily carry a payload of more than 1.1 ton and tow as many as thrice the payload capacity. As the truck is enriched with sufficient power to transport as much as four cubic metres of firewood on the pickup bed and not to forget the sail boat attached together to facilitate trailer coupling, for example.

The pickup truck looks marvellous with the inscribed three-pointed star which impresses with a precise steering, a joy ride, and fast cornering. It is loaded with the advanced technology to absorb bumps in a masterly fashion, which makes it a masterstroke for the urban environment.

As all other Mercedes vehicles, the X-class will be differentiated by exemplary safety. It is supported by the ‘modern day driver assistance systems’ which operate on the basis of the cameras, radar and ultrasound sensors which not only make driving a pleasant and comfortable experience for the driver but also keeps the safety as the first and the foremost priority. The pickup will also set new benchmarks in this segment as it facilitates a much more connected life. All credits to the communication module it is enriched with in addition to the on-board SIM card, it enables the usage of the Mercedes me connect services.

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