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Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC Luxury Sedan Review



Mercedes-Benz and the Mercedes-AMG make some of the most outlandish, yet still sought-after, SUVs for having engines that rival sports cars. It’s justified – SUVs are heavy, a big car frame needs more torque for starting and stopping, and being able to zoom across highways to get to that vacation that’s been planned for months on end is exciting.

Last year, Mercedes-AMG released the A35 sedan that follows the footsteps, no, wheel tracks, of the compact sports crossover with superb engines.

Mercedes-AMG A35 Engine and Performance

It’s the company’s entry to the “budget luxury” sports sedan but the Mercedes-AMG A35 has some features that make it a good pick from others in its lineup. Although the engine, an intercooled turbo premium 2.0L 302-hp, doesn’t perform as well as the CLA45’s, it’s still above the 300 HP threshold for “fast” enough cars from AMG. The engine makes it possible for the A35 to reach 5800 rpms at max performance.

This AWD has a 7-speed transmission and has a fuel efficiency rating of 24 mpg in the city and 31 mph on highways. The A35 can race to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. Other than the sports mode that makes it possible for the 4.3 acceleration record, the A35 can be a leisurely drive in the comfort mode.

Other driving modes include a slippery mode for heavy June-August showers, and the individual driving mode. Not much to say for the last one, but drivers who want to be alone are better left alone.

The Mercedes hatchback has a good damping system for comfortable drives. Braking systems and advanced handling courtesy of Mercedes’ Dynamic Select system makes turning corners easy. It doubles as a safety function – in the Basic mode, the handling is passive and stricter which becomes useful on slippery roads.

When shifting to Sports and Sports+ driving mode, the AMG Dynamic Select switches to advanced mode for active and aggressive tuning to prevent the car from rolling on to its side when doing corners.

Mercedes-AMG A35 Interior and Exterior

Inside the A35, the driver will have a VERY good time looking at the dashboard. The amount of detail worked into it is alarming, yet still informative, and hopefully drivers won’t get distracted with so much going in front of the wheel. The instrument detail is all digital, and has bonus features when switching to sports mode. The Sports+ mode will show round rev counters and bar indicators on each side.

But enough with the interactive displays! The Mercedes AMG A35 front seats have 3 configurable positions. The passengers get a bonus with an adjustable thigh support. The seats have excellent 4-way lumbar support.

Since the A35 is a speedster, safety has been engineered into the car seats with manually adjustable head restraints, both front and rear.

The steering wheel is a pleasure to hold. It’s upholstered with Sport Nappa Leather with metal accents. Another feature drivers can control, this time with their voice), is the dual zone air conditioning system that turns on as soon as it detects someone speaking.

The glove box is also illuminated for convenience and a foot rest for drivers during long drives. Other “premium” features include the leatherette door inserts and silver-black console trims and accents.

Ladies will no longer have to bring their own mirrors with the illuminated vanity mirrors located overhead the driver and passenger.

In terms of lighting, the A35 has a lot of lighting inside and outside. Welcome lights and perimeter lights make it easy to identify the A35 in dark parking lots. The brake lights are LED.

On the outside, the 2020 Mercedes AMG A35 looks flashy. The front and rear bumpers have chrome inserts, tinted glass helps with privacy and that ominous look most sports cars show off these days, and the steel panels are fully galvanized.

On the side profile of the A35 are chrome trims, while the front has the standard black.

The look isn’t complete without mentioning the grille with chrome bar highlights.

Mercedes-AMG A35 Safety Features and Accessories

Inside the A35 are 8 speakers that adjust volume automatically depending on driving speed. There are also several USB ports, all type C, and for each A35 there’s a free adapter for anyone using type A USB. The A35 comes with the standard voice-activated Hey Mercedes software and Bluetooth connectivity.

Safety features for the A35 include active brake assist for pedestrian safety, driver and passenger airbags (both front and side mounted), as well as knee airbags to prevent leg injuries in collisions. The A35 is also child-friendly, with child seat sensors and rear child safety locks.

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