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Legend (for electric, hybrid, and hydrogen vehicles)

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TrimEngineDrive TypeTrans.0-601/4 MileMpg EPA C/H/ObservedSource

2015 McLaren P1

Hybrid Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8 + ElecRWD7A2.8 sec9.8 sec @ 152 mph16/21/---- mpgMcLaren
Hybrid Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8 + ElecRWD7A2.6 sec9.8 sec @ 148.9 mph16/21/---- mpgMotor Trend

2014 McLaren P1

Hybrid Coupe3.8L Twin-Turbo V8 + ElecRWD7A2.7 sec10.0 sec @ 147 mph16/21/---- mpgAutocar

About McLaren P1

McLaren P1 0-60The first thing you hear when you think of race cars are formula one dragsters and jet-lining Ferraris that burn holes through their tires on any lap. But every race car driver knows that it’s the McLaren F1 that ripped all the myths of race car driving apart; bringing with it the most innovative sense of hybrid technology and futuristic grasp of chassis efficiency that put the world’s fastest cars into shame.

The McLaren F1 was the future of race cars all over the world…that was until it decided to have a child.

The McLaren P1 was the long awaited heir to the McLaren speedster thrones, carrying with it a clout that only the royalty of racing can bring.

The direct descendant of its legendary ancestor (McLaren F1), the McLaren P1 defines the very standards by which it’s predecessor had set for all racing cars- by taking those standards and practically leaving skid marks all over them; grinding its own legacy into the asphalt of all race-tracks and announcing to the world that it is the future and everything else made within this year- is just a remnant of the past.

The majesty of this hybrid machinery was so revolutionary that it brought about the big question that is now on every race car manufacturer’s mind: “Did we just leap forward into the future?”

Race Track Assassin

The imagery alone of standing by the track and watching one of these super-powered tire burners would be best described when matching it to watching a big twister movie and wondering what it’s like to stand next to a tornado. The McLaren P1 is a deadly powerhouse of axle grinding speed that could almost bring it to vision as a flying car than one that moved on the track.

The smooth transition and easy handling due to the carbon-ceramic brakes that could have it stop at a dime in an amazing deceleration of speed that could make a kiddie ride seem breakneck. The brake system clocks at 2.9 seconds from a range of 62 mph to flat 0. The very ability to grip the ground in such a way make it nearly impossible to suspect that stopping could be problem- especially that it clocks at close to 300kms within seconds of revving up the engine and dropping a lead foot on the gas pedal!

This marriage of technology and dreams can hit the pavement and break into a record-breaking 300kms within 16 seconds from the sprint up to top speed and its IPAS system combined with DRS can easily bring it beyond the point most dreamed of!
What makes the car even more unique is the fact that this is merely its speed range- ignoring entirely its amazing architecture and design that broke the very concepts of today’s race car standards.

The Heart of Matter

This speed demon is built to ergonomically function as if it were manufactured while it was at full speed- giving it the cutting edge look that could put the flying cars in Blade Runner to shame.

The chassis being the most ingenious design of pure aerodynamics puts the car’s very design work to something close to designing a space craft than any simple wrench-and- screw vehicle. A complicated array of working parts articulated into a simple symmetry that graces the very thing that makes this sound-breaking beauty a living being.

The McLaren P1’s V-8 Twin engine comes completely modified to allow the maximum output as its own IPAS system works hand in hand with the engine that culminates into turning the sport car into a powerhouse fit to drive the chariots of the Gods!
Being a Hybrid- it combines the joint power of the electric motor and heavy gauged horsepower of the V8’s charged mechanical force that can ramp up the torque of 7500 rpm, making it the wildest stallion you’d even dare to tame- the question is who breaks first?

You or the P1?

The Power of Beauty

Let’s list off some the amazing things the McLaren P1 has brought to the table:

  1. It brought the manifestation of something nearly cybernetic through the marriage of machine and cylinders, making it a love-child of efficiency and power!
  2. It raised the bar for all race-cars, putting its own ancestor into the dark corner where you usually find relics – making every other race car, practically a fossil.
  3. It’s a McLaren P1, enough said.

The design of the McLaren P1 is graced in the very idea that the driver’s seat is no longer called a driver’s seat but rather a “cockpit”. Fit for one, set right at the center of the speed demon, it puts the driver at the most control-worthy point in any craft.

It utilizes minimalist design to deliver top-notch speed, handling and beauty using the carbon fibers that are used to make the car’s chassis light into becoming part of the interior art work.

Could there be any car better than this? The world is with team McLaren P1…

… Are you?

To learn more about McLaren P1, visit the official McLaren website.

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