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Lexus LS: Redefining the 21’st century luxury sedans



‘Here’s the latest Lexus four-door, the direct successor to the original 1990 LS400 that power-launched Lexus into existence. As the 21st century heads toward its third decade, it’s surprising how this latest trendsetter could make big and luxury-branded sedans seem archaic’.

When we think of large, expensive and executive sedans driven by wealthy bankers or lawyers, the mind naturally races to the luxurious Mercedes S-Class or the comfy BMW 7-Series.

But for those willing to lead a more understanding driveaway, Lexus unleashes the latest LS. Not as ostentatious as its German counterparts, but the car features dignified elegance that gives it a unique identity all its own. Over the last three decades, the LS has earned itself the tag of a discrete and stalwart luxury sedan from Japan.

We caught sight of the new-look LS when it first showed up earlier this year, and now we know how it drives. To get the best out of the Japanese sedan we tested its pace on the traffic-stuffed San Francisco streets, over the twisty B-roads around the Marin County and we were amazed with the car’s exceptional performance.  To summarize in one line: It’s truly wonderful in many respects whereas odd in a few.

Engine and Fuel Economy:

The Lexus features the latest 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 coupled with the 10-speed automatic transmission, which is first of its kind for a premium passenger car. The car work wonders to produce power equivalent to 416 horses and 442 pound-feet of torque, being upgraded from 386 hp and 367 lb-ft from the sinking 4.6-liter V8.

The engineers at Lexus are extremely proud of the fuel efficiency exhibited by the new engine, owing credits to a few intelligent technical innovations (An increased valve angle and a longer bore stroke) and the technological expertise lent from the Formula One, incorporating a “laser clad valve seat” that empowers the car with direct flow of air into the combustion chamber improving the “tumble ratio.” In simple words, Lexus has discovered the secret to derive the maximum bang out of each gasoline-powered buck.

The RWD version features an effective fuel economy 19/29/23 whereas the numbers are 18/27/21 for AWD, with the highway numbers making a gradual advancement due to the 10-speed gearbox. No matter if it is a torque converter unit, the company commits to the shift times that rival its dual-clutch-wielding competitors. This 5,000-pound luxury car races from zero to 60 mph in merely 4.6 seconds.

Luxury continues Inside:

Lexus designed the cars luxurious interiors with the vision to embrace the Japanese principle of hospitality. It features 28-way power adjustable front seats that are complimented by the goodness of massaging, heating, and cooling. The chauffeur-friendly executive package incorporates a reclining rear passenger seat coupled with an ottoman and a extra-ordinary cut-glass ornamentation for the door panels.

Thanks to the dynamicity infused by the engineers, the rear seat can easily recline up to 48 degrees which is the maximum in the segment. The rear seats also come enriched with the generosity of the warming air bladders that gently applies pressure and warmth to the shoulder and lower back which is a lovely amenity.

Safety Mechanism to ensure your Well-being:

The car is loaded with the Lexus Safety System+ that caters to you features like ‘Front pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control.

If you want your safety to be addressed more carefully then you could avail more advanced safety tech or the Lexus Safety System+ A which features the front-cross-traffic alert, the standout road-sign assist (this system could read and analyse speed limit and many other road signs to display them to the driver). Lexus also provides the car with the intelligent auto-steering assist in order to avoid pedestrians in the lane.

To be precise, this Japanese styled car, backs its luxurious interiors to stand out against the Germans. No doubts the new Lexus LS is different, but we’re hard-pressed to find a reason why one would be compelled to purchase it over an S-Class. Nevertheless, if you are scratching your head to be price-competitive around $75,000 luxury sedan segment, you’re probably in for a tough time.

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