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Land Rover Creations: Range Rover vs. Range Rover Sport vs. Range Rover Evoque



Land Rover has been making impressive luxury SUVs for a very long time now so there is no question that their vehicles are all well made. Land Rover is committed to provide the best driving experience in the most diverse road conditions without sparing the luxury elements that make this brand well known all over the world.

It would be interesting to have a comparative review of the brand’s three leading vehicles out in the market today – the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and the Range Rover Evoque. Read on and discover the similarities and the key differences of these Land Rovers. Perhaps this can help you decide which one is best for you.

The Exterior

The full sized Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport look pretty the same at one glance. The differences are subtle but it is definitely there. The Range Rover has a more formal, almost stately look than the Range Rover Sport. This is one key difference that can be observed when these two cars are not parked side by side.


Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover has a more masculine look its lines are more aggressive-looking especially its bumper. At the rear of the vehicle a key difference can also be observed on the taillights. The Range Rover has stacked lights while the Sport has narrower taillights. But the best way to differentiate these two vehicles is through their sides. The Range Rover Sport has a grill placed behind the front wheel while the Range Rover does not have this design addition.

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque on the other hand is an entirely different vehicle design wise. It has more aggressive air intake design with a slimmer head light profile that integrates the fog lamps. The grill of the Evoque is also different from that of the Range Rover and Sport variant with its finer mesh compared to the two vehicles. The Evoque also has the unmistakable hood vents that do not exist on both Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.


The Range Rover interior has changed overtime and this made it look a lot like that of the interior of the Sport variant. But even with the increased similarities, the Range Rover sport has retained its sporty look which is evident with its curves and a higher placement of the of the center console.

The Range Rover on the other hand maintains its dignified interior look by keeping its center control stack taller than that of the Sport variant. This design decision made the dashboard of the Range Rover look wider. The Range Rover also kept its gear selector knob while the Sport adopted the traditional gear lever.

The Range Rover Evoque on the other hand has a lot of additions that tackle more on driver and passenger comfort. The Evoque has the 8-way power adjustable front seats and the 14-way optional massager seats. The dashboard has a more modern look compared to that of the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. The dash has the integrated InControl infotainment system that has an easy to navigate menu. This system can control a lot of things in the car and can be used to integrate smart phone functions in the dashboard.

Engine Specs

The Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport have the same engine thanks to the upgrade received by both vehicles that made their chassis virtually identical. Both vehicles have a V6 engine that is capable of producing 340 horsepower. A V8 is also available for both vehicles and this is a supercharged engine capable of providing for an impressive 510 horsepower. Both vehicles come with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission that also comes with a standard full time 4 wheel drive.

Range Rover

Range Rover

Land Rovers are not especially known for fuel economy and this is true for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The two vehicles have a 17 mpg mileage for city drives and 23 mpg in the highway. The V8 variant has a 14 mpg fuel efficiency on city drives and 19 mpg in the highway.

The Range Rover Evoque on the other hand has a smaller power plant. It has a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 240 horsepower and 250 ib-ft of torque. This smaller engine has the fuel efficiency advantage compared to Ranger Rover and Sport variant. It can push for 21 mpg for city drives and 30 mpg on the highway. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission that is linked to an active driveline technology that allows the Evoque to activate its 4 wheel drive only when needed. This contributes to its fuel efficiency.

The Range Rover’s price tag however is the biggest differentiation it can provide for car buyers. It is priced at $84,000. The Range Rover Sport on the other hand is at $63,500. The Range Rover Evoque is the most affordable of the three with a $41,100 price tag.

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