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Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911 – Which Car Wins?



When it comes to speed and power, Jaguar can compete head to head with the Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. In fact, the C-type and D-type Jaguars have beaten these two expensive car brands at least five times in the 1950s. That’s how illustrious the past history of Jaguar is.

Porsche, on the other hand, has traditionally concentrated on producing sports cars. Currently, it is turning its attention to the production of SUVs and sedans.

This car company is actually owned by Volkswagen AG with its head office and manufacturing facilities in Stuttgart, Germany. Porsche has an impressive racing history. To date, it has already gathered about 28,000 racing victories.

General Overview

The Jaguar F-Type and the Porsche 911 are two of the true-blue sport-cars available today. But other than that, they are really very different when it comes to their design and engineering elements. Their driving personalities are also completely different from each other.

For instance the Porsche 911 carries with it the classic notion of a sports car, while the Jaguar F-type is more of a modern-type of racing car with modern design elements.

Driving Dynamics

When it comes to drivability, Porsche 911 seems to be more dynamic than the Jaguar F-type, especially when it comes to pushing the car’s capabilities to the limit. However, the steering system of the current 911 model seems to be a bit numb at times.

The 911 is designed for the race track with its smart accessories such as extra sets of wheels and tires. But should you wish to, this car can also provide you an efficient year-round transport apart from its ability to give you occasional enjoyment in the race circuit.

However, if you opt for 911’s Sport Chrono package and its Active Suspension Management system, you will have a sports car capable of giving you a grand-touring experience. Its handling will become almost faultless with its impressive road manners.

The F-type on the other hand is very responsive and balanced in all its ways. It is indeed a true sports car, although you may feel a little hesitant in testing it to its limits on the road.  With its Coupe R form, you will really enjoy driving it on the track.

Cabin Quality

When it comes to cabin space, the Porsche 911 is roomier than the Jaguar F-Type. However, the seats of the F-Type are cozier and will fit you in all the right places. If you are a taller driver, you will be more comfortable with the 911.

But generally, the comfort and quality of the F-Type’s cabin is remarkably good. It has expensive looking amenities and the stitches in its leather seats are exquisitely done.

But for excellent driving support, the front seats of the 911 take the notch one up higher. And its interiors will give you a feeling that you’re inside a luxury sedan and not just a sports car.

Safety Features

The Jaguar F-Type comes with better safety features than the Porsche 911. Safety elements in the F-Type include reverse traffic detection, blind-spot monitoring and front end collision avoidance system as standard issues. Sadly, they are only optional items in the 911.


Both cars have excellent sound systems although the F-Type seems to have the edge. The Meridian sound system of the F-Type produces excellent sounds.

But the Burmester sound system of the 911 including the Air Motion Transformer tweeters can deliver crisp and clear 821 watts of pure audio power. You can also upgrade the 911’s sound system to Bose surround sound although it lags behind in infotainment and connectivity.

Considering all these elements, some observers have concluded that the Jaguar F-Type has a slight edge on the Porsche 911. But it really all depends on your wishes as to which car will suit your needs.

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