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Homage to RS Roots – Audi RS 6 Avant



Nothing screams loud and celebratory like the RS make. It’s an upped Audi Sport GmbH and it continues wowing judges, in addition to a well-cemented reputation that it has always been at the top of its game.

When executive sedans are discontinued in favor of luxury crossovers, Audi decides to move from speed tracks to stateside. The car manufacturer tries to give a familial, and familiar, sense to its boosted cars, giving it a home to would-be drivers who think that it’s finally time to settle down and leave the speed track. Let’s take a look at the spec sheet for this beast.

Starting from front to back, the Audi logo has some weird placement – the flattened honeycomb grilles provide a good dark backdrop wide enough but they’ve placed it at the top border, just below the hood. It would’ve given a stronger brand statement if it were placed in the middle but who knows, this might have some kind of function.

The headlamps and bumper molds make use of bold and sharp quadrilateral shapes, almost as if the shapes are subconsciously communicating that it’s a call back to the Quattro. The body on frame approach does well for the wagon and its very level all the way from front fenders to the back. The wheels grab attention, too, with 21-inch aluminum ten solid V-spokes bolted in with wheel locks for those brave enough to get their hands on it illegally.

The sheet metal curves nicely all the way to the tail lights and a literal silver lining can be seen surrounding the windows. To implement the family-friendly estate impression, manufacturers muted some design features which contrasts heavily with the Q8. The fenders form seamlessly with the side molds and the tail lights, although unimpressive, still does its function to remind the next car they’re looking at a luxury wagon and they need to stop in awe and wonder. Silver trims surround the dual exhausts and is as wide as it can get. This time the logo placement is done right and its dead center for maximum readability.

The catwalk from the front and rear view is also impressive, although for wagons it creates an optical illusion for a reduced cabin size. Accents were made to the headlamps and a series of metal stripes give it a sportier premium feel. Definitely continuing tradition.

The interior is as impressive as the details given to the headlamps. Everything is in shades of grey but it breaks monotony with the use of angular shapes. Valcone/Milano-brand leather covers the seats with a honeycomb stitch pattern and the unique RS embossing.  The steering wheel is thick and provides comfortable handling. The center console fades under a prominent dash which houses the driver information display. The knob follows the angular theme but this might take some getting used to. Not what you’d expect in an estate but the Audi RS 6 Avant does need to give you a little reminder that it is top-tier. The trims look like cheap plastic but the textured surface is proof of excellent manufacturing. The overall theme is about throwing shade, under shade. It’s covert pride. It’s concealed victory.

For estates, there’s not much to talk about cabin space but the color choice provides a sense of interior width.

But if this car is throwing shade, does it really perform? Absolutely! A 4.0 liter eight-cylinder with a 591 horsepower maximum output and 590 lb-ft torque allows for freakish speeds. The RS 6 engine is mated to an eight-speed transmission and provides comfortable handling because of the patented quattro all-wheel drive.  You’re going to think twice about taking this to the country side. Owing to the body-on-frame design, it has a lower center of gravity and the high engine displacement helps secure stability. If the Audi R6 had a voice: “It is with a HEAVY heart that my fellow estates can’t be better than I am.” And it does have bragging rights. The wagon goes from zero to sixty mph in 3.1 seconds. It’s not a race car so I wouldn’t complain about it. It goes over the red line and the top track speed hits 190 mph without limiter.

Pricing for the Audi RS 6 is at a whopping $110,045. It’s priced “appropriately” for the raw power it delivers. It’s a keeper for a lifetime and it doesn’t hurt to have a wagon that performs like it’s on an F1 track.

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