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The Ford Kuga and Why Automatic Could be the Smarter Choice



No matter which market you look in, you know that Ford has at least one class contending entry that is popular with a wide range of motorists. Ford prides themselves on the great build quality and reliability, which is evident with all of their most popular models. One of the most interesting models in recent times is the Ford Kuga SUV. The SUV market is fiercely competitive right now, but, unsurprisingly, the Kuga more than holds its own.


The Ford Kuga’s main attributes are the fact that it has a spacious interior with plenty of standard equipment to improve comfort, safety and performance. This also means that the Kuga is a popular choice with a wide range of motorists, including families, outdoor types and professionals. It is comparable to the iconic Ford Focus, but bigger and capable of conquering off-road terrain. It is not Ford’s only foray into the SUV market, but it is easily their most successful and one of the most popular SUVs available.

Automatic vs Manual

If in the market for a Kuga, or any Ford for that matter, it is worth taking a look at automatics as opposed to manual transmission. Whilst some may scoff at this, it can actually be a much smarter decision to go with an automatic. Automatics have become hugely popular in recent times and are slowly outselling manual transmission cars. This could be for a number of different reasons, but for many, it is simply because it is much easier to drive as you are not required to use limbs independently.

Fuel Economy

So, why should you opt for an automatic Kuga? One of the primary reasons is that an automatic provides greater fuel economy than a manual. This was previously not the case when automatics only had 3 or 4 speeds, but now there are more gears which means that you are not revving too high at each shift. This helps to improve fuel efficiency whilst also lowering CO2 emissions. Additionally, torque converters are much improved and no longer slip and waste fuel. Fuel economy and emissions can have a huge impact on running costs, so it is certainly worth considering an automatic if you are budget conscious. The Kuga has decent running costs, with the 1.5-litre diesel returning 64.2 mpg.

Driving Style

In addition to this, automatics are also very well suited to the demanding driving style that is expected with an SUV. Driving through difficult terrain can be tricky, so it is important that you are able to focus and keep your hands on the wheel at all times. It is also better for hilly areas, as it enables the car to operate efficiently no matter how steep the incline. Therefore, if you will be off-roading in your Kuga, then you may want to consider an automatic for these reasons.

Ease of Use

Other reasons for picking an automatic over a manual transmission are that it is simply easier to use and especially in heavy traffic. Working a manual transmission is not too difficult, but it can take some getting used to and will require a good amount of practice. In heavy traffic where you will be constantly stopping, starting, accelerating and decelerating, this can be a demand and challenging task – an automatic allows you to do the same with a simple push of one pedal. You are also unlikely to stall in an automatic, which should save some blushes!

Kuga Performance

As expected, the Ford Kuga drives very well and is a reliable automobile. It is composed and agile for a car of this size, plus the kit and generous amount of driver aids greatly improves the experience for all. With its great off-road ability and performance, either a manual or an automatic would be a smart investment, but an automatic could be the best choice thanks to the improved fuel economy and easy driving experience. This will help to keep running costs down whilst making the vehicle more efficient, which is important in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

Finding Automatic Kuga’s

Buying an automatic Ford Kuga does not have to break the bank, either. The best place to buy it in the UK will be from a reputable dealership like AA Cars. Places like this will have a range of engine and trim levels available so that you can find the right one for your particular needs. As the Kuga has undergone a few changes throughout its run, you should also be able to find an automatic that fits within your budget too.

The Ford Kuga remains a strong contender in the SUV market as it is spacious, reliable and full of quality equipment. It also works well as a family or commuter car, but it is certainly worth looking at an automatic instead of a manual when in the market for an SUV. You could find that it saves money whilst also improving driving performance.

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