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Comparison Guide: BMW 335i vs. Infiniti Q50



For years, there was only one luxury sport sedan that automobile fans know—the BMW 3 series of the German car maker which includes the BMW 335i. But things have changed as Nissan’s luxury car arm, Infiniti, has given the BMW 3 Series a run for its money with its luxury sports sedan models like the Infiniti Q50.

If you are in the market for a sports sedan, which would you rather have—the BMW 335i or the Infiniti Q50? This article will weigh down the pros and cons of both car models and try to see which one is the better sports sedan.

Fuel Economy

B335Although you may not be very much concerned with fuel economy as sporty sedans are notorious for being gas guzzlers, fuel economy is still a major consideration for most shoppers. You might be interested to know that the BMW sedan has a slightly better gas mileage than the Q50 with 22 miles per gallon for city driving and 32 miles per gallon for highway. On the other hand, the Q50 only registers 20 miles per gallon and 29 miles per gallon for city and highway driving, respectively.

But if you want a more fuel efficient Q50, then opt for the hybrid model of the Infiniti car. With an eye-popping 354 horsepower, the Q50 Hybrid can last 29 miles for a gallon of gas when in the city , and 36 miles per gallon for highway driving. Yet you would have to pay more as the Q50 Hybrid is sold at a starting price of $45,000 which is about $7000 more than the ordinary Q50.


For starters, be assured that both the 335i and Q50 are exceptionally safe cars. In a crash-test conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, both the 335i and Q50 scored an overall rating of five stars. That is essentially a perfect score, with a 4-star rating for frontal crash and five-star score for side and rollover impact.

Both the 335i and Q50 have outstanding safety features, too. Yet the latter has a slight lead when it comes to safety features as it has some systems that its competitor does not have.

For instance, it has an active lane control system that can detect changes in road surfaces as well as the wind, steering the vehicle back on course. It also has a forward-collision alert system plus an automatic braking system that significantly reduces the risks of car crashes.


The Infiniti Q50 is equipped with more advanced features like its optional hybrid power train which can improve the car’s fuel economy without affecting performance. With the optional hybrid power train, the Q50 can even improve its fuel economy to 41 mpg.

If you are very particular with on-board entertainment, you’ll love the center console of the sedan with its two stacked display screens. The Q50 has an eight inch screen on top of a seven-inch monitor.

On the other hand, the only standout feature of the 335i is the automated parallel parking program which the Q50 does not have.

But aside from these features, both car models are very much equal in terms of technology. Both have options like adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights and automatic high beam control.


The Q50 is slightly cheaper than its BMW counterpart with a starting price of $38,000. On the other hand the BMW 335i starts at around $44,000. But it can be argued that the Infiniti car would give you everything that you can get in the BMW model.

In fact, if you are particular with engine power then you’ll love the Q50 as it has 328 horsepower compared to the 300 of the BMW. The Infiniti sedan also has more passenger space and trunk room.

Driving Experience

The BMW 335i trumps the Q50 when it comes to handling, steering, and acceleration due to its 6-cylinder turbo charged engine. You’ll also love that the steering of the 335i is a lot more precise and the handling way better than the Q50.

For most automobile experts, the better driving experience you’ll get from having the BMW is worth the more expensive price tag of the 335i. Likewise, the 335i comes with free maintenance for four years.

Bottom Line

There are two ways to look at this comparison. If you are the practical car owner who would opt for the cheaper model, you’d definitely go with the Infiniti Q50. Not only is it $6000 cheaper, it is more spacious and comes with more advanced features. It also has a more powerful engine and better gas mileage.

But if you are one who’s not particular with the price you might find yourself buying the BMW. The 335i gives you a better on-the-road experience, aside from the fact that you can own a more luxurious brand.

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