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Comparing the BMW 335i and BMW 435i



Torn between the BMW 335i and the BMW 435i? Both BMW models appeal to buyers with discerning tastes. This article will look at the details of both models from the revered German automobile maker.

As any BMW customer would know, the BMW 435i is part of the 4-series coupe, which is the successor to the well-loved 3-series coupe. Since the 435i is newer compared to the 335i, you’ll have to expect a more hefty price tag for the former.

BMW 335i

The BMW 335i sports sedan boasts of impressive looks and a powerful six-cylinder Twin Power Turbo engine. It is available in three models—the sport line, luxury line, and M sport. The latter features several tweaks in its chassis like a 10mm lowered suspension, hardened stabilizers, and tougher springs and dampers.

B335The BMW 335i has a power of 225 kw and boasts of an eight-speed automatic transmission for better fuel economy. Better fuel economy especially in traffic is achieved with the auto stop and start function of the 335i. It also has a regenerative brake energy as well as eco pro system optimization.

It can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.5 seconds and can move to 100 kilometers for every 7.2 liters. That translates to roughly 32 miles per gallon of gas.

The 335i is designed for the executive who wants a sporty sedan car with luxurious features. To some extent, the model delivers the goods with its premium features. It boasts of an iDrive navigation system that provides the man behind the wheel with advanced real-time traffic data, and a rotary controller with touchpad that you can use to enter phone numbers and destinations.

On-board entertainment is top of the line as well with its Harman Kardon® Surround Sound System as well as Sirius Satellite radio.

Comfortable riding is assured with its other features like automatic climate control with micro-filter, three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with cruise control, audio system and Bluetooth wireless communication controls.

BMW 435i

The BMW 435i holds a lot of similarities with the 335i. Like the older BMW model, the 435i is powered by a 3 liter TwinPower turbo inline 6-cylinder engine pushing out 300 horsepower. Both sedans are rear-wheel drive models and can go up to 32 miles on a single gallon of gas.

Like the 335i, the 435i has an eight speed automatic transmission. The car is equipped with an intelligent control technology that allows it to quickly and seamlessly shift gears.

And just like the 335i, it has an auto start-stop program that will automatically switch of the engine when it detects that the car is stationary. This is an intelligent feature of the car that enables it to save fuel aside from helping protect the environment because emissions are limited.

The 435i also has the ECO Pro mode that is present in the older BMW model. The Eco Pro mode can contribute up to 20 percent fuel savings. Using an advanced engine management software, ECO pro adjusts the output characteristics of the engine.

But there is one glaring difference between the 435i and the 335i in terms of performance and efficiency. It has a lightweight construction which contributes to optimum performance and handling. Its front end weighs less than the 335i, but is up to more than 60 percent rigid. Its lighter weight but solid front end contributes to better handling and fuel economy.

And unlike the 335i, the 435i has side and top view cameras. With a more diverse camera system compared to the older model which only has a rear view camera, the 435i is a lot safer to use.

Aside from the side and top view cameras, the 435i has an active driving assistant. With this system, drivers will have an easier time handling this car. It features a lane departure warning which causes a gentle vibration on the steering wheel whenever you drive over lane markings. There’s also a frontal collision warning which can lessen the risks of collision severity by pre-activating the brake system whenever the car is zooming at high speed.

The third feature of the active driving assistant is the pedestrian warning that as its name indicates lessens the chances of the car bumping a pedestrian.


With the several new features incorporated in the BMW 435i, you can expect to pay a lot more for this model, right? On the contrary, you would be surprised to learn that the difference in the price of the two BMW models is not that significant. The 335i sells at $43,000 while the 435i is sold at around $47,000.


The 335i and 435i are almost mirror images of each other. Both cars have the same powerful engine, and have almost the same entertainment features. It can be argued that the 435i’s advantages are very minimal, like its features such as the driving assistant and its lighter frame.

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