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Chevy Camaro vs. Dodge Challenger vs. Ford Mustang



The legend of the muscle car began almost half a century ago. In the 60s, the battle began with Ford Mustang versus Chevy Camaro. A few years later, Dodge Challenger joined the party and from then on, it was a three way rivalry. If you are planning to be part of pony car world, you should take time to learn about the 2013 models of these cars so that when someone asks you why you went for a particular brand, you will have something of substance to answer.

camaro-challenger-mustangChevy Camaro

• 30 mpg for base engine
• Appealing looks for the young crowd
• Bulletproof drive train
• Provides the best handling
• More connectivity features provided
• Poor visibility
• Lack of headroom
• Awful leg room for rear seating

While the car strives for a classic and contemporary appeal, its style has not received a warm welcome from long time fans of pony cars. Many have described the design as cartoonish, comparable to children’s toys. Nonetheless, muscle cars do not fall under the category based on appearances.

Under the hood, 426 horses are raring to be unleashed. Furthermore, it is equipped with independent rear suspension for sure footed handling. Even if the sound of the exhaust is not music to your ears, the Camaro is arguably the most performance oriented among the three. Suspension is second to none with gearing perfectly suited for the race track.

Although the car’s top notch performance will take you quantum leaps forward, visibility and seating room issues have caused buyers to take a step back. The chopped roof line along with high rear fender arches and tiny side mirrors all account for the terrible visibility. Rear seating is almost not an option. The space between the front and the back seat is considerably short and if you are a couple of inches above six feet, do not attempt to get inside the car due to its low headroom.

In essence, the Camaro with its specifications is more of a sports car than a muscle car. If you are a young man who is more interested in impressing the ladies than your boss, then this car is ideal for you.

Dodge Challenger

• Road presence
• 470 Horsepower
• Spacious rear seating
• Expensive
• Mediocre handling

Challengers used to be huge and the 2013 model is not different. When the V8 starts burbling, car enthusiasts are reminded of old school pony cars. Also, the car has an amazing style and a road presence which appeals to all muscle car fans.

Unlike the Camaro, the Challenger offers a ton of cargo space and provides comfort while giving the best outside visibility. You can have a couple of adults in the back and if you have cargo, there’s a lot of room inside the trunk. Moreover, this muscle car’s interior refinement simply offers the best comfort for long rides.

When talking about performance, the Challenger in SRT8 form is at the top of the list of the best open road GT cars. While its speed is not something to be crazy about, the car has enough horsepower to get you through any situation. With the degree of power it provides, the brakes are good enough to get the car to stop without a fuss.

However with its weight and size, there’s a lot to be desired in the handling department. If you are going up against a Camaro or a Mustang in tight turns, better wave the white flag.

Ford Mustang

• Bang for the buck performance
• Excellent V8 power
• Retro appeal with contemporary details
• Decent ride quality
• Cramped rear seating
• Cheap interior
• Solid axle inhibits performance

Among the three muscle cars, it is the Mustang that will provide the most value for your money. While the V8 Mustang GT and BOSS 302 will give you more than 400 horsepower, the Shelby GT500 is in a league of its own with a ridiculous 662 hp. In terms of speed, it leaves the Challenger to eat the dust and when it comes to acceleration, it is quicker to 60 mph by two tenths of a second against the Camaro.

If you are happy driving the Mustang on a straight road, you’ll love it even more when it goes around the corner as it also provides decent handling. It is an excellent pony car that does well on every aspect. Visibility is not bad as well; however, the cheapish look of the interior can be improved. Also, the car is outfitted with equipment such as electronic throttle and electric power steering that may not pull the heartstrings of hardcore pony car drivers.

Overall, if you are looking for a muscle car that will not break your bank but will allow you to modify later when there’s a cash surplus, then the Mustang is right for you.

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