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Catching the first glimpse of the shorter, wider and compact Honda Accord



The 2018 Honda Accord takes on the world by storm with an all new power train line-up, which substitutes the V-6 engine with the brand new turbocharged four-cylinders, complimented by a hybrid system and a 10-speed gear transmission.

As the compact version of the all new Honda Accord hits the market in December this year, the hybrid is scheduled to follow shortly. The car’s international debut in Detroit and Los Angeles unveils a much stylish and sport studded midsize sedan all set to be next 10th generation sensation.

As Honda admits, substituting the Honda Accord is definitely a big deal, added its rich history of being a best-selling midsize sedan—an apparent second place to the Toyota Camry but quite many times the first when it comes to the sales to retail customers, not incorporating rental and corporate fleets.

The car has a brand new MacPherson strut front suspension which works wonders to offer a better ride and smooth handling; furthermore, it also comes loaded with the goodness of a brand new multilink rear suspension. To list the distinct change for the 2018, the Accord gets showered upon its first ever smart adaptive damper system right on the Touring, in order to adjust the multi-facet shock absorber damping force every 1/500 of a second.

On the exterior side, the new Honda Accord is wider, much compact, and lower, but gains an increment of about 2.6 inches around the wheelbase in order to make way for the increased interior space. The car loses its weight by 110 to 176 pounds and comes out with a much rigid body structure and whole new chassis.

Nevertheless, the car has a longer wheel base; it gets an overall trim of about 0.39 inch, which pushes the wheels wider toward the corners. As a result, the car is 0.39 inch wider with much wider wheel track, dropping the height by 0.6 inch; as a result the passengers sit lower in the car, in order to pave way for sufficient headroom and shoulder room. The new Accord witnesses pushed back rear seats which create an extra 1.9 inches of room for the legs.

To sum up, the car gets a dramatic makeover ever done to pave way for a much lower, wider and compact Honda Accord.

The aim of the design was to induce a more sporty and athletic stance to the car’s body, a more raked windshield, a much shorter over hang, lower hood, larger and more angled greenhouse complimented by narrow roof pillars and not to forget the sculpted body sides and a deck lid which is upswept in nature. These features work wonders to make way for a much cleaner and simpler look- in order to make it 3 percent more dynamic than its predecessor. In order to impart a much bolder look to the car, the designers have retained the car’s trademark chrome wing grille complimented brilliantly by the LED headlights and fog lights. The rear side of the car is adorned with the LED taillights and dual exhaust ports.

The car’s interiors are loaded with the goodness of a new soft-touch instrument panel featuring a three-tier design. The car receives an all new steering wheel with the generosity of thumb rests and smooth paddle shifters. What adds to the comfort of the car is the 12-way adjustment offered at the driver’s seat, added the front seats could be warmed and cooled.

The car features a standard infotainment system with a typical 8.0-inch touch screen that works wonders to keep intact the buttons for volume and tuning—as a firm answer to the critics on the lack of redundant knobs on the Honda Civic. The Accord supports the Apple Car Play and the Android Auto compatibility and a plethora of additional applications. Added, the driver gets an all exclusive display in front of him.

The compact sedan comes loaded with the goodness of ‘Honda Sensing technology’, a standard loaded on all their models, and, importantly, on all the trim levels, incorporating the base models as well. The auto-giants have also worked wonders to introduce the new safety driver-assistance and connected-car specifics. The safety mechanism technology incorporates collision control braking system, warning system for the lane departure, road departure mitigation technology, compatible cruise control and efficient traffic sign recognition. The safety features which are also equipped on some of the trim levels are the blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors to volunteer front and rear parking, cross-traffic monitoring, and the much important driver-awareness monitoring.

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